What do you DO on Thanksgiving, really, besides eat?

@maezee (35359)
United States
November 13, 2010 1:08pm CST
While I'm sure most of us know the "real" meaning behind Thanksgiving, and all the history and whatnot that goes along with it, it shocks me that with my family, there is nothing more than getting together and eating - to this holiday. Of course, chatting and catching up is necessary. But I am talking ENTERTAINMENT. Of course, I have some weird issues with food that prevent me from enjoying this holiday like the rest of my family does, but I'm wondering..What are your Thanksgivings like? What do you DO, besides eat? Do you exchange presents, play games, go to the movies - what do you do? One year we all went to the casino and ate at the buffet and gambled away our souls. That was okay, although kind of weird. LMAO. What do you DO for Thanksgiving? What is the point, besides eating, to this holiday? And do you have any ideas to make my holiday a little more.. interesting and enjoyable with my family?
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@diana82 (56)
• Indonesia
14 Nov 10
i do for thanksgiving eat with friends.
• China
13 Nov 10
hello ,i am from China ,maybe i could talk about our chinese traditional festival ,the popular holiday in China is the spring festival ,all chinese people love it and enjoy it ,as for me ,before marriage i do nothing except eating and making fun .now it has something changed ,i got married last year ,just near the spring festival ,in that holiday .i just kept my wife accompanied ,watching Tv ,listening to music,sometimes strolling around the streets nearby to buy something or for fun ,of course we spent several days meeiting friends and to visiting relatives ,most of the time i enjoy staying at home ,it seems so simple but i thoroughtly enjoy it to the fullest . enjoy yours ,friend !
@sjlskl (3384)
• Singapore
13 Nov 10
Thanksgiving is not a big event in my country, so it was rarely being celebrated. As for ways to make it more interesting, instead of the usual stuff, why not rent a caravan and head to somewhere. Along the way on the road trip, you can make merry with your family and friends.