@dicefame (114)
November 16, 2010 2:03am CST
they are both great.. NOKIA is best for beginners..user friendly .. easy to use.. but if we took durability.. MOTOROLA is best for that...
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@sajeevking (5080)
• Mumbai, India
25 Nov 10
well both nokia and moto are good but nowadays they are lacking behind lg samsung apple htc are in market and giving better quality phones at cheaper price as compare with nokia so there is a tough competition as i guess nokia is lacking behind
• Turkey
18 Nov 10
Ofcourse Nokia. Maybe motorola might be cool with slim phones. I think people have to use change to phones everyday.
@tonyllenium (6266)
• Italy
18 Nov 10
in reality motorola phones are a bit far from nokia ones..may be in the past there ws time where these 2 companies was the leader in the market so in many cases phones can be ok for both i think that now the distnce between nokia and motorala devices is almost an abyss and so motorola now is just unexpensive phones really simple nokia ceate always advanced ones..
@calpro (933)
• India
16 Nov 10
If it is a choice between Nokia and Motorola,My choice would be definitely Nokia. My first cell phone is Nokia and after that I changed to Motorola.After that I ahve used samsung,LG,haier,sony ericson,Blackberry. But always my first love is towards Nokia. I like he way it is and the battery back up and the most robust phone i have ever seen.Once it was dropped from 11th floor and I am able to still use it.It is so tough. Nokia my favorite always.
• Philippines
16 Nov 10
nokia is the best for me because nokia has a great design and the model of cell phones and also nokia has great features. i love nokia and im an avid fan of this. but still motorola is also the best phone.