Fearsome Experience

@SIMPLYD (81467)
November 18, 2010 8:11pm CST
Once, when my in-laws and i were travelling by the sea thru a public hydrophilic transport, a storm-like wind suddenly came when we were already in the middle of the sea. The boat was really being tossed so roughly, since it's a light sea craft , being a hydrophilic one. The passengers were almost all throwing up on their nausea bags. At first, i didn't feel the same but i felt it too as it keeps being tossed. My inlaws were just firmly seated praying. I was praying too but i was already crying because i was thinking we will not survive it. I keep saying . . "Forgive me Lord" while crying. I remembered my child and my husband in the province and that made me cry more. After 20 minutes, the wind subsided. I was shaking and crying when we arrived the port, while my inlaws were comforting me. I thanked God profusely ! I really have the fear of travelling by the sea because i am not that good in swimming.
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@bird123 (10518)
• United States
20 Nov 10
Yes, a rough sea can be very trying. When mother nature stirs up, being on the water isn't fun.