The best way to make money is to run your own website so lets discuss plz

November 21, 2010 8:27am CST
Friends I had spent my 1 year and in mean time I tried evrything like Ptc websites , paid to post sites , social networking sites and many other innovative ways . Yes I must say that PTp is far better in compare of all making money ways but I am very dissapoint to mention that I could not make $150 in one month and if we could not earn atleast $150 so I think It is pathetic. Now I found that the best way to make money to run own website and I had decided to run my own ptp site and I had planned few things like first I thought that in any case we will do legit business so it will run forever now second thing is we will need active members so I wll promote website in many ways and get members and when I will pay them so sure they will be active always . I will add many catagories . Now I know that in starting I will not get sponsor or any adds so I will have to invest on members from my pocket thats fine but I am confused on one point and that is How I will get sponsor and adds for my site means they will contact me by themseves or I need to contact them for getting adds could any one tell me in right process .and you can give your opinion also
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@cadguy08 (1224)
• Canada
21 Nov 10
Oh it's a good ideas to start making money, you should know about script and other programmable thing to make site or you can ask some good programmable person to make you a website that really makes money just research first before you spent money. I too wants to make my own website like a passive way of income month to month basis. I envied facebook owner and other site like fiverr also with millions of members that makes your more traffic equals to revenue.
• India
21 Nov 10
Yes Friend I am searching right person who can design my website well I am also thinking that I will learn web desiging cource so it will be easy for me I can design by myself well apart from PTp I have one another project where people will want to visit again again and we need not to pay them for using website and we will get paid from sponsor but that is hard task so I will start from Ptp and yes If you know any legit online company who design website so inform me and Yes I like Mylot script like this this time I am giving my comment on your reply so it will show just under your reply in same colomn but in other sites it is not possible , like it make new colomn and then disply along with original reply it seems mixed up so I dont like , Is that yes?
• China
21 Nov 10
It really sounds great .but it's more than words can describe .in my eyes ,if you want to rnn your own website ,first you should be familiar with the type of website you are to start .i mean that you should have ever taken the type of site and ever worked hard at it .so you can know enough about it .then you can start your own . to start your own site can promise a bright future ,if it goes well .nowadays i have considered stepping into investment sites .but i have no idea how to make my start move .as you know .many scams exist on the internet . it's all up to you ,yourself . good luck to you !
@2004cqui (2822)
• United States
21 Nov 10
The best way to make money online is to be learning many ways of doing it. The more you hunt, the more you know! You will need many streams of income and running a web site is only one of them. Good luck!