The Karate Kid movie

@deafdiva (243)
United States
November 21, 2010 9:55am CST
Have you guys seen the new Karate Kid movie with Jaden Smith? Which is better, the original one or the new one?
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• United States
22 Nov 10
I haven't seen the old one but I have seen the new one. I really liked the new one... not my typical type of movie but one that I really enjoyed. My parents both grew up on the old film, and they both enjoyed the new one too. My mom even said that she liked the new one even more than the old one.
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• United States
23 Nov 10
I watched the new Karate Kid movie last night and I was really impressed. I thought the new one was better than the old one.
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@mantis36 (4238)
• Philippines
1 Jul 11
because the new one, the martial art that you see is all about KUNG FU but in the old one, the martial art that you see is all about KARATE whereas.... KUNG FU is more superior compare to KARATE
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• United States
1 Jul 11
Mantis, I don't think the style of martial arts has anything to do with it. I've seen the old one since posting here, and I really think the new one is a superior movie. It's just got so much better filmmaking and storytelling to it. The cinematography is stunning, the locations are beautiful, and the actors are infinitely better at making their characters believable. Now I know lots of people who grew up with the old one have a nostalgic bias for it... it's a great movie. But I still think the new one is better, and not because it's kung fu instead of karate.
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• United States
8 Oct 15
I haven't seen the new one but am a big fan of the original
@simone10 (21655)
• Louisville, Kentucky
5 Oct 15
I've never seen the new movie but it would have to be really great to be better than the original.
• Preston, England
11 Sep 15
The first one is by far the better film, largely for Pat Morita's Mr Miyagi character. Jackie Chan was the teacher in the remake and played the role devoid of charm or personality.
@jstory07 (68187)
• Roseburg, Oregon
29 Aug 15
I have not seen the new movie but I do like jaden smith he is a good actor. So I think that movie would be good.