Bribes to Law enforcers/Police officers

Bribery or Consequences - Give bribe or pay the consequences.. Which one would be you option?
@rajiv22 (167)
Chengalpattu, India
November 21, 2010 10:18pm CST
Will you give money as bribe to the law enforcers or the police officers to Escape when they arrest you for a small crime you commit or if they put you on hold on a traffic violation OR you will go as per the laws and face Fines or Jail terms as it describes in the justice? I am just a Indian Citizen who face these kinds of bribe problems not only with Police officers but at almost every Government agencies/bodies to make your work quick Unlike some strict countries where bribe is an offence. Which option you will go for? Pay bribe and escape or make you work quick OR Pay your fine or Jailed or get waited for more periods till you job gets completed??
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@elmiko (6640)
• United States
23 Nov 10
that wouldn't even be part of the equation where i live. if one does the crime they do the time.
@sjlskl (3384)
• Singapore
22 Nov 10
No way am I giving the bribe. Corruption is a serious crime. So I would prefer to work hard and pay the fine than risk getting into a more serious crime than what I was penalised for in the first place.
@hushi22 (4941)
22 Nov 10 be honest, it would depend if i have a really important thing to do or event to attend to. if i have i will rather pay the bribe but if i dont have i will go to jail and fix it up.
• India
22 Nov 10
Well rajiv22, as far as India is concerned, it is always better to pay the bribe. The main reason being you cannot beat the system as far as India is concerned. Let it be a traffic violation or a small crime, it is always better to give the bribe and go on with your work.
@chuyins123 (2118)
• Philippines
22 Nov 10
I would learn it the hard way. I'd pay the rightful price, get an OR for what I paid and wont tolerate any bribery to anyone. Wrong would always be wrong, and it wouldn't ever be right. And a wrong couldn't be corrected by making another wrong. God bless you!
• United States
22 Nov 10
Bribery is adding more to the ticket in the first place. If you commit a crime, you need to suffer the consequences whether it be a fine, traffic school, community service, or time off the streets.
• Malaysia
22 Nov 10
I don't favor bribing.It's just a nasty action where you are trying to be dishonest to yourself and also the person who received your bribe.I rather pay fines,where I know that my money flows straight to the government,or take consequences if my deeds involved further action in terms of law.In my country,you bribe,get caught,you could be paying both fine,jailed and other punishments related to the crime you performed before bribing.Haha,two in one. Cheers.