What is a survey site ?

November 22, 2010 11:56am CST
Hello mylotters, can you explain me what a survey site is ? If I ever join any such survey site, what I will have to do ?
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@bnd8884 (99)
• India
29 Nov 10
survey sites are those site which pay you some money if you successfully complete some survey for their client, i personally have not joined any of them but i know some of my friends who are participating in some of them, first you have to check whether the site actually pays some money or they are just fooling the people because it is very time consuming as it took 5 to 15 minute to complete a survey and it is boring too
@Hatley (164629)
• Garden Grove, California
23 Nov 10
hi doctordidie a survey site is a place where you sign uup to take surveys, in a suvey they ask you questions about different things a lo are about new products that have not yet come out on the market. they will ask your opinion ons thse and you get paid for doing this.I do mysurvey.com and for every thousand points yet get paid ten dollars ub a check.or merchandise if you prefer. they are really legtimate and I have been with them for over three years too.
@celticeagle (118649)
• Boise, Idaho
23 Nov 10
A survey site is a site where you go to take surveys. They ask you questions about products that you buy and so forth. Global Test Market,Lightspeed Panel,My View and such as that. There are shopper ones to where you shop and then do a survey but that costs you money. Each one is alittle different.
@Sanitary (3969)
• Singapore
23 Nov 10
A survey site is one whereby u have to give your views and opinions, or experience about certain things. There can be a wide range of topics or interest such as type of mobile phone u are using, and why u like it, how long have u been using it etc. There are many types of surveys available, but not all survey sites are legitimate, u have to be careful when opting to join one.
• Virar, India
23 Nov 10
The surveys sites pays to answer some questionaries provided to us by them. They pay us some 30-1000 rupees to just participate and answer their questions. I know some of them then if you want the links then message me here on mylot.
@sohnikhan (144)
• United States
23 Nov 10
survey sites are connected with companies.those companies like to know the opinion how people like their products and what they dont like so they can improve the quality of their products companies also like to know the average of their products among other companies.you take survey and answer some of the questions if you really are related to what they want to know you get qualified and get the reward.hope it works for you it never worked out for me so i quit working for surveys
@aeiou78 (3457)
• Malaysia
23 Nov 10
This is a place to collect and analyze the feedback from the market. The collected data is very helpful for certain manufacturers or organization to known about the satisfaction of their service or products in the market. Besides, it is very useful to test the market before the launching of a new products or service in the market too.
• United States
22 Nov 10
Survey's my friend is a gathering of specific demo-graphical region of people where as their opinions are towards products. If you are selected to complete a certain survey you in return can get paid for doing so. The payment varies anywhere between $1 - $15 and can be higher as it is dependent on the type of survey and the product being reviewed. Never join a site that requests you to pay them to be a member as the marketing researchers look for specific geographic areas. So there is never a guarantee that you will qualify for a specific survey so the sites that say you will X amount per month are not being truthful, so best to research and make sure the company is legitimate.