Facebook VS Twitter

@Apples24 (422)
November 27, 2010 10:15am CST
I'm just interested in who is interested int which. Personally i think both are equal and are unique in their ways. Both have allowed me to get in touch with my friends and family. However, Facebook has more fun applications than Twitter. But Facebook is more inclined to profit compared to Twitter which emphasizes service to users
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@entengo (70)
• United States
27 Nov 10
I like facebook because it's popular and you can socialize with friends there when twitter is mostly just blogging.
@Apples24 (422)
• Singapore
27 Nov 10
yes facebook helps you connect with old friends. Besides it is one of the most popular sites nowadays
@allamgirl (2144)
• Philippines
29 Nov 10
i don't have a twitter account, so i like facebook better. twitter just doesn't interest me. i think it's just posting shoutouts like you do on your facebook status.
• Indonesia
28 Nov 10
The two sites each have advantages and disadvantages, but Facebook more user friendly and more global in terms of languages.
@Diddaka (90)
28 Nov 10
Facebook is better site for me.I use it a lot last months.Talking with friends, blogging.Thst`s the place where you can meet all your friends.And doing some fun staffs.It`s the most popular all around the world.
@terri0824 (4991)
• United States
27 Nov 10
I have both and tend to facebook more than twitter. Facebook has taken me away from mylotting and I am truly sad. ;(
@Xansus (950)
• Bulgaria
27 Nov 10
I have both (5 sek in twitter for my whole life :P ) and facebook (5 min every day) Both are useless i think skype is far better :D
@Hatley (164354)
• Garden Grove, California
27 Nov 10
hi apples I do not do twitter at all and I m on facebook but do not come there much as I am trying to make myown minimum here on mylot and am so behind. I try to increase and am still behind. I had health problems which kept me away from the computer and mylot too. I like Facebook but have not had the time I needed.
• Mexico
27 Nov 10
Hi apples: I have a twitter account but I definetly prefer my Facebook account because, on Facebook we can write how we feel and what we are doing right now but at the same time we can play some games, we can chat, watch pictures and movies and I prefer FB design. ALVARO.