I just realized I'm not a good listener anymore.

@laydee (12815)
November 30, 2010 12:47am CST
I was reading through a lot of online articles today and stumbled upon an article by a good friend of mine. He wasn't talking about listening, however, I realized that I haven't been much of a listener to him whenever we're together. He had a lot of thoughts there about how he does things, I have learned a lot from him through that article but as I realize now, I would care less what he thought about such topics if we were face-to-face. I have always been considering myself a good listener, I have always thought it was my forte to do so. However, I may have lost that great value. I guess I needed to be reminded of the 'changes' in me that should have been enhanced and not taken away. Perhaps typing or writing is one medium to let a person 'listen' because nobody is there to listen to his/her reaction on what was written. Though right now, I have no idea where to start, but at least knowing what's lacking in my is a good start. What do you think? Are you still a good listener? or where you never? hehe..
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@chuyins123 (2118)
• Philippines
30 Nov 10
I have also considered my self a good listener, sometimes I just call my mom, when I know something's up in our home, and I'd let her exhaust every burdening thoughts of her to me, sometimes I would feel down, but I stick to the positive side of the story, that I have lent my ears to my mom, and when she's done talking to me on the phone, I know she's relieved, because she can laugh over the phone, and up till now, I still do the same, I do the same thing for my friends and my siblings... :D if I can't be there for them physically, I could atleast have my ears to listen to them... :D
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• Australia
1 Dec 10
Knowing yourself and realising where you are lacking is a good step toward becoming a better listener. Many people pay lip service to the idea of listening because they only want to talk about themselves. If you can switch off you own self interest and switch on your true listening skills, you will become a gifted listener and a true friend. So many people can't find enough empathy to understand others, and so they can never be good listeners. I have found a profound love toward my friends from listening, truly listening to them.
@tomitomi (5441)
• Singapore
30 Nov 10
Hi laydee! Great you know yourself well. Where we lack in one we should rejoice to know that we have other senses to rely upon. I use my instincts and rely a lot on my heart as well.
@huqh123 (182)
• China
30 Nov 10
now,many people do not have the patients to listen now. they have their own thoughts and can not listen to other's ideas. this is not good for us. but the fact is that people lose their patients when they know about something a little. so we should not alway think of persuading others. we can write something that we want to speak out.
• Philippines
30 Nov 10
Hello Laydee, I don't know if i can consider myself as good listener. but sometimes i tend to do my best to listen well, but most of the time, it is gradually fails me.It depends on the situation but there are discussions that i can really be stubborn. of course, i would appreciate if you provide me with the like of that article so that i can read it too
@monty21 (120)
• India
30 Nov 10
Really, i am impressed with you that you have realized you are not a good listener. You have realized after reading online articles, but it is good thing that you accepted it. I am not a good listener too and i am always trying to be a good listener. My friends got me realized this thing because most of the times, i am with them and they get frustrated of me when i don't listen to them properly.