Government Takes Down 70 Internet Websites

United States
November 30, 2010 6:35am CST
In an effort to stop copyright infringement and counterfeit goods, the US Government took down over 70 websites including a search engine called The government organization ICE and other "alphabet" organizations took responsibility for the action. ~ All this came down after a Senate committee passed COICA. COICA stands for Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act. COICA supporters claim they are only going after infringers, and those websites that offer a value other than the ability to copyright infringe or counterfeit goods will be left untouched. ~ Several posters on the Internet have expressed concern that COICA and other government programs will be misused in an order to take down sites that have unpopular and or dissenting speech along with sites that sell counterfeit GUCCI purses. ~ Many complain that several sites on this list of take downs are hosted and ran by folks who are not American. Torrent-Finder was in Egypt. ~ Others on the Internet state that 70 websites are not that many, when taken into consideration the sheer size of the Internet. ~ To see the JPEG the government offered in explanation. ~ ~ A full list of all 70 websites that have been taken by the government can be found at: ~
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