What are traditional good traits wish to revive? Why?

@visavis (5945)
December 1, 2010 5:45am CST
In our real life now if you can see and observe a lot of changes, lot of danger anywhere to you, no peaceful at all, people are getting worst in their character and attitude. Our children are growing without proper and good traits in their character, some are no respect to their parents, some are number one enemy of the state, they are like birds escape from the cage. In that case what are traditional traits or good traits before wishes to revive for us and for our children.. Why you want to revive and there is a posibility this present time? Share with us your opinion and views about this... see you around
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@Hatley (164471)
• Garden Grove, California
5 Dec 10
these same words were written back in roman history when parents bemoaned that their kids were disobedient and people were all doingso bad and even just three hundred years ago almost the same remarks were made and today again you have written this all out. so the more things change in this world, the more they stay the s ame. so I guess what I'anm saying is its never quite as bad as we think it is. so we must look up and let God guide u s as we must try to do our very best and realize forevery bad kid or bad parent there are thousands of good kids and parents. to keep our cool and focuss on the present and improve the now without going b ack to old traditons that did not work.
• Philippines
1 Dec 10
I believe the good and polite words we use is still not yet forgotten totally. Many children still answer their parents and the elderly with respect. Though it is radically decreasing due to the influence of the busy environment.