what will the best way to prepared for examination's?

December 1, 2010 1:35pm CST
up to my understanding : some student used to prepared for their examination overnight, some student used to contact with their books off and on, some used to organised time efficiently with their limitation of time, some student used to pray to god for their good results and some write what they have learn inside the class or with there basic knowledges! wat will the best way from understanding to scored good marks at exam?
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@livecenter (1138)
• Malaysia
2 Dec 10
It all depends on the student himself. That is because every people have their own way to study. Up to my knowledge, there are three types of person according to how they study. They are auditory, visual, and kinesthetic type of person. Every type has its style of studying. Auditory person, as you can guess, learns better by hearing. This type of person learns more in lectures. Visual person learns better by visualizing. This type of person learns more during presentation. Kinesthetic person learns more during practical as they learn by movements...Choose what fits you best and you'll learn better and better prepared for the exam. Hope this helps...
• India
2 Dec 10
thank you very much for sharing you golden thoughts.. i like your style of presentation.... may your inspirational words continue to inspire the poeple around you. hve a blessed time ahead.
@2004cqui (2823)
• United States
1 Dec 10
Everyone has a different level of memorization ability. People learn best in different ways. You have to work out what works best for you. Doctors can retain information immediately and can learn with no sleep for 24 hours. I on the other hand had to actually work with the information to "hard wire" it for a test. I still do to this day.
• India
2 Dec 10
thanks !! may god bless your sucess abundantly even in the days to come.
• Mexico
1 Dec 10
Hi kizao: I think that every student have their own style to prepare themselves for the examinations. I was very good at school and I think this was because of the way I prepare for my examinations: since the first moment I try to take good notes of the classes and some days before an examination I read my notes, sometimes I read a little more if there was something that wasn't too clear, I try to take some mental notes about the most importan details of the subject and I also pray :). Thanks for asking us this question. Have a nice day. ALVARO
• India
2 Dec 10
hiya!!! thank you very much for sharing your precious experiences and ablities. may god bles you! have a nice time ahead.
@lady1993 (18606)
• Philippines
7 Dec 10
I think it is a good practice to read the book everyday- just small parts of it- even skimming will do. Students should read more a few days, or even one week before a test and not cram. ALso, have enough sleep to help the mind function properly.