Parkour-Cop warned me for public nuisance.

@Apples24 (425)
December 1, 2010 10:35pm CST
Ok, like last week, me and my friends were playing catch and the thing is we are all traceurs( people who practice parkour) and we have been jumping on top of roofs and enjoying ourselves. We just enjoy the thrill of being in air. Then fun lasted not until a cop came along and warned us of causing public nuisance. Am i on the right? Isn't it my freedom to move anywhere in this country except private property and the cop caught us in a skate park. I was like why the heck would he not allow us enjoy at a venue of enjoyment
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@Hatley (164507)
• Garden Grove, California
3 Dec 10
apples jumping on the roofs of parked cars is not only not fun but its a public nuisance and also you could end up damaging someones car. you have no right to jump on some one else's car , my G you could end up; breaking bones in this. I am on the cop's side as this is breaking the law. I d o not give a d amn how much fun you think it is you have no right to be jumping on private property. let alone one of the owners miht see you and grab you by the arm and do some real damagre.grow up and quit breaking the law.