when your girlfriend perform better than you...do you feel any uncomfortable ?

December 2, 2010 10:33pm CST
yes we in some case ,many people think that man must perform better than women ,so when between a couple when the women perform better the man ,the man will feel uncomfortable ,also the women will think the man as inability ...but i think this is not good ,for people are equal ,so when my GF perform better i will feel happy for her , which will encourage me to cheer up ! what a nice thing ,so what do you think of this ?
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• Philippines
3 Dec 10
When a girl performs better than me, that's very comfortable for me. It means less work and more pleasure. Lol. That's the way it should be. Although if you intend to keep your girl, i suggest you also try your best to best her at that.
4 Dec 10
yes , i believe that it will encourage you to perform better ! so you two will both be the best ! yeah !
@Hatley (164471)
• Garden Grove, California
6 Dec 10
hi earl you are one day going to make some lucky girl a great husand as you look at it as people being equal which will win your girl friend for sure. I was always happy for my friends when they did well without the thought of boy vs girl at all. friends are friends and boyfriends and girl friends should be super special. good luck and God bless.
• Thailand
4 Dec 10
Absolutely, I will cheer for my wife if she perform better than me. I don't have any uncomfortable about that. Everyone has some expert field so that if my wife is better than me, it's normal for me.
• Mexico
3 Dec 10
Hi earl: i think it's not ok to think that the guy should be better than her girl. It's not ok and we have to stop thinking that way. I mean we know that girls and boys we are equal so I'll be happy if my girl is better than me in some aspect. We are human being and we can't be perfect. I am also sure that I'll be better than her at some other skills so we should enjoy our difference. I won't look for a girl to show her that I'm better than her but to have the best complement for me. ALVARO
• India
3 Dec 10
Not at all. It gives me pleasure that my girl friend can perform better. We are not friend by our work rather by personality. We should keep in our mind that we are not genius in all aspects.
@Ritmon (119)
3 Dec 10
I think it's a good question, as per my view i willl little bit uncomfortable with this matter,but i dont discourage her,i will always with her and help her as possible as i can do.......i feel happy with this matter...