i miss my first girlfriend

December 3, 2010 10:48pm CST
yes ,now i have a new girlfriend ,but i really miss my first girlfriend, we first fall in love when we were high school students , we in different schools , when we graduated , she say goodbye to me ,and fall in love with other boy... i really love her , i found myself can't forget her , but when i miss her ,i feel very guilty about my present girlfriend.... who can give me advice ...what should i do
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@ifa225 (11098)
• Indonesia
9 Dec 10
focus on your girlfriend now. see the strength in her. and think that u are lucky to get her now. see the positive in side her personality
@Hatley (164450)
• Garden Grove, California
5 Dec 10
earl how can you go on about your first girlfriend as she is no longer yours so instead focus on your new girlfriend and anyway are you still pretty young so you may have several loves before you find the girl that is meant for you. take it slow as you cannot have the first one unless she leaves the other guy for you and if she does that you might find out she is not faithful to anyone.
@jinjer168 (1599)
• Philippines
4 Dec 10
Well, what you felt is a very normal thing. And just like what the old songs' lyric goes, "Maybe first love never ever die". Its simply true and almost all people whether they are happy with their present relationship, they still missed their first love. Its not hard to understand however that our first love really creates a big impact to us, because their simply the first person whom you share very first intimate moment together. Try to figure out your situation and see the beauty of having a present girlfriend to love, maybe you're just missing your ex and you don't love her anymore. Life is uncertein, we all didn't know what will happen in the future. But whatever it is, be true to all and be true to your feelings. Its better that way than to hurt more people with lies. Have a blessed Sunday!
• United States
4 Dec 10
I like to think about love as Nature....it always changes. Let me put it this way if you have a girlfriend and she doesn't even want to stay with you for whatever reason ,new school, moving, or found another boyfriend. You know she's not the one so you move on and try and forget (change), until you find that perfect girl who will make the world stand still and make nature freeze
@nahNiku (17)
• Latvia
4 Dec 10
1. why do you need a girlfriend? Ok and that is all. I think that you need to "forget" about her in some other way not with another girlfriend. And I thought that we are together with people we like, not because we need somebody to be with.
@tenrajj (911)
• Bhutan
4 Dec 10
well my dear friend.. love is eternal. If it was a true love i don't think you can forget her( your first girl friend) but missing her isn't a mistake until and unless you you contact her. So take your new girl friend as old one and love her truely.
@sagnik42 (3598)
• India
4 Dec 10
I won't argue with that. The only difference in my case was that she was not even my girlfriend. We were just friends and I fell for her. She never loved me back. We are still close but I can't get that feeling out of the way. It is always there. People say it is hard to forget your first love, but I really do wanna move on now. It has been so very very long...
@pokumon (647)
• United States
4 Dec 10
You'll always remember your first love. That's just life. I didn't fall in love with my first boyfriend, but was heart broken when he broke up with me to sleep with another girl. My second boyfriend I did fall in love with and I miss at times. We were extremely close and he was really good to and for me. He watched over me when I would have bad allergic reactions (I've gone into anaphylactic shock and he's called an ambulance). He also encouraged me to get tested for ADHD, which I have along with learning disabilities. Now I've got the help I need to complete school and am not struggling as much. We used to talk every day and I miss that. He was my best friend as well as lover. If you want to get over them though remember the bad times when you used to argue over the stupidest things and they'd stay mad at you for weeks. I want to find someone new too. Be lucky that you have a girlfriend at least and learn to appreciate her. You'll always keep a special place in your heart for your first love though.