writing a check to yourself and depositing via ATM

United States
December 4, 2010 7:50pm CST
Has anyone done this? Here is the story: I'm not promoting check fraud, or anything illegal. I'm not suggesting you do this either. This is just a story to backup my question. Say for instance you need to pay your rent and you're $100 short in your checking account. You know for a fact that tomorrow you have an incoming money transfer that will cover that extra $100 that you need right now. The problem is your landlord wants to deposit your check today. You're freaking out not knowing what to do. If only he would wait an extra day. If he would wait until tomorrow you'd have more than enough for rent. So you come up with the bright (maybe not so bright) idea to write yourself a check for the $100 that you are short, and deposit that $100 check to yourself through the ATM. Chances are it will clear $100 in the account, but the check won't actually be processed until the ATM deposits are picked up. The check won't bounce because you know an incoming transfer is scheduled to be in your account tomorrow. Theoretically you're check to yourself won't bounce, and your landlord will be able to cash his check.