the first book you read as a child?

December 5, 2010 12:08pm CST
My first book was probably one of the books in the encyclopedia collection that our parents bought for the sake of our educational reference. It was the trend back to have an entire set of encyclopedia for homework and assignments. The Internet, in those days, is still top secret and wasn't exactly as available and used as it is today. I remember pulling those heavy books and started reading about an entry about a place that I cannot remember (though I may have never comprehend what I read at that time) and I remember staring at the page when entries are accompanied by pictures.
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• Philippines
20 Dec 10
My first books were from Sesame Street. I then moved on to the likes of The Wizard of Oz, Robin Hood and the longest stuff that I've ever read: the whole Greek Mythology series. While I was a huge comic book fan then, books really inspired me more than what visuals can do.
@Lore2009 (7388)
• United States
18 Dec 10
I don't remember... But we had a lot of weird childrens books....
• Romania
17 Dec 10
is very hard to say... i remember reading volumes from Jules Verne collection, and i enjoy reading them today, too... but at that time, i do not kow difference between imagination and reality, so, what i reading was true reality for me, a kid in his 6-7 year of life...
@camposkat (310)
8 Dec 10
The first book that I've read were probably nursery rhyme books and fairy tales. I can still remember my aunt teaching me how to recite these nursery rhymes and although I have a mild dyslexia (I pronounce R as L), I managed to remember all nursery rhymes by heart. :) I love reading books with pictures. It draws me more to read them and I get really curious as to what will happen to the story. :)
• Mexico
6 Dec 10
The first real book I read, I was about 8 and it was "100 years of solitude" of course it's cien años de soledad in the original language,before that I read tons of hmm,not comic books,but like disney stories with drawings but lots of text? They were hot in México,I loved them and I was and am loving to read,it's one of the things I enjoy the most.