Worth the WAIT...and OBEDIENCE...

December 9, 2010 5:11am CST
I have a childhood friend. My neighbor, daughter of my Godparents. Well, my sis and her are batchmates in college and highschool they took different path in college though. They both graduated on time. They took Bachelor in Education during college but in different schools. They both took the Teacher's Board exam. My sis was devastated with the result of the first attempt, and she stopped taking the board exam, while my Godsis if I may call her that, she took the board exam again, and she did pass the board exam. She looked for a job. While my sis got married, she got pregnant, and she had kids... AFter my sis, have 2 children, my god sis is already promoted on being a teacher in one of the public schools in our town. Just recently, she got married. I saw the pics of her wedding, it was all so well and good. You could see, that it was all well prepared. She had it best because she knows how to wait and obey what God wills and obey her parents advice. I can't help but compare the life she got with my sister. They were good friends though. But it seems that the one who graduated with flying colors in college (my sister) didn't have it best in her marriage, because she have not had the patience my godsis have. One thing I realize, that when you know you waited for something, and you TRUST in God that such will come, you will have it best, because of OBEDIENCE and you could say for yourself "It's all worth the WAIT!".... Any comments on this lotters? Any views? Please feel free to share... God bless you all! have a happy life! :D
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@dorannmwin (36698)
• United States
11 Dec 10
I don't really know that it is always best to be patient in our lives, however, I do really think that we do need to have some degree of patience in our lives. You see, if I was an impatient person I would have ended up married to a man that was abusive toward me, but I knew that wasn't the best thing, so I didn't get myself obligated to him. Instead, five years after my first boyfriend I ended up married to what I think is one of the best men in the world.
• Philippines
11 Dec 10
Yeah, we do require a lot of patience in life. Because life could be so pissing us off, but as it is, if we have patience, we can endure, and look at the brighter side of life. hehehe :D thanks doran. God bless you! have a happy life! :D