I'm confuse about web hosting

@Rierin (43)
December 9, 2010 12:26pm CST
I always thought one day I would like to get a pay web hosting since those free have limit. But what I want is so I can store item on it too. So here I'm very confuse. Most web hosting claim unlimited disk storage. Does that mean I can store anything?My videos,song and so on?Is it really unlimited? Or it just mean for small item? I don't want to end up subscribe for 2 years to find out I have to upload video on different video hosting to share on my website.Please help me
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• Philippines
11 Dec 10
It is unlimited but as soon as your account becomes inactive for a certain span of time, the webmaster might delete your files cuz their space is not really limited. They just claim that to get a lot of subscribers. They need space for new users so they do something about it.
@RamRes (1725)
• Argentina
9 Dec 10
The "unlimited" storage capacity is impossible. It always has a practical limit, related to the server hardware. But it really depends on how much you want to store on it. If talking about videos, it can get quite large, but are we talking about 40GB or 10TB? For, say, 40GB it's manageable by most hostings, but the 10TB videos could be hard to store, in any case you should ask them detailed questions about that, and with an reasonably aproximated number to tell them. Also, you might want to move some of your videos to some paid storage site, such as Fileserve or Megaupload, as they pays you for their download in adition of storing them, which aleviates the load on the web server bandwidth too.
• United States
9 Dec 10
I've had sites on hosts that say unlimited storage. so far i haven't had any problems storing anything. i think it depends on the host though.