disease is quite popular among teens

@cssiduyz (1054)
December 10, 2010 7:20pm CST
ONE disease that is quite popular teen hit currently is a disease which is a manifestation of stress, like depression, anxiety, irregular eating habits, drug abuse related to physical illness such as dizziness and pain in the joints. Just as in adults, stress can be a negative effect on the teenager's body. Only difference is at the source and how they respond to the disease? Their reaction is determined by the atmosphere and living conditions they currently experience. Depression itself is different from feeling sad, disappointed or mourning. Three final reaction is something that generally occurs when a person reasonably experienced disappointment or loss of something valuable, including experiencing a very traumatic event.
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• India
11 Dec 10
the reason all this happens is because of irregular times of food intake not eating healthy ..we should & explain our today's teen to follow proper habits. but not force them. ask to follow habits of daily activity's if your body follows regular life there would not any health problem's 6days a week regular habits 7th day of week they can eat enjoy have fun the way they life. regarding feeling sad & depression the more u are sitting ideal the more tension. keep your self busy by going out being with friends surfing online .if u don't have much friends with you can enjoy keep them away cause if they are boring you will be biggest bore.join dance classes join yoga keep yourself busy by cooking for a change there are loads to do .once u know how to keep yourself happy then u can ask your friends to join you have fun life in life you don' get much a chance to have fun live it the fullest...
@Galena (9123)
11 Dec 10
it seems very strange to describe an illness as being popular. after all, people don't choose to develop an illness that will probably be with them their whole life and mean that there will be times when just functioning is very very hard. to say it's a popular teen hit makes it sound like something that they see their friends having and decide they want to have it too. but it's a physical disorder of the brain, not a trend. and no one would choose to suffer from it. likewise with the physical manifestations of stress, they are not brought on by the imagination, they are brought on by the physical effect on the body of having a prolonged release of stress related hormones, like adrenaline, which is only really designed for short bursts of release. prolonged release damages the body, because it diverts blood supply away from those parts of the body that don't need to be fully functioning during the fight or flight response. the digestive system particularly suffers because of this, which means that someone under stress can often suffer from very painful digestive cramps because of the prolonged reduction of oxygen in the digestive organs. depression and stress are not trends or fads. they are real. they are not imaginary. and you don't choose to suffer from them.