World War III

December 12, 2010 4:51pm CST
I have always wondered where everything happening in this world will lead us to... A long time ago, Albert Einstein was asked by a reporter what World War 3 will look like and he said: "I do not know how Worl War 3 will be like, but I know that World War 4 will be with sticks and stones". A fact that not many people know, is that Albert Einstein took part in "Project Manhatan", the project whicj delevoped The Atom Bomb. Those things, were the very first things he said to a reporter after the completion of the bomb. I wonder, nowadays, after so many years, with the Cold War gone, and with almost every contry in the world a democracy(or so we are told) how a World War 3 will be like and how far are we from one. First of all, just think of the unknown fact that during the invasion of Serbia, in the 90s, their learders told the world that they are ready to start another World War for their country(already having started first WW when a serbian student killed the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne). Now, the 2 Koreas threaten the world again with a World War. What do you think? Will it start because of them? Will it degenerate into a Nuclear Dissaster considering that both Koreas have powerfull allies(america,EU on one side and Russia, China on the other) and almost all of their allies have Nuclear Weapons? And the last and the most important question of them all... are todays leaders able to lead us, and how much do they think of us, and how much do we trust them with our destiny.
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@benhilo (871)
• Tripoli, Libya
13 Dec 10
Cause and effect. Everything that has happened has led us to this point. There are overtones of misgivings in Einstein's statement. There were others among him that worked on the Manhatan project and other similar projects that were like minded. However, all the signposts are there for another World War. The biggest single factor that I see is over-population. One does not have to be an economic student to know that the demand for resources grows with the size of the population. Although we have started our approach to outer space, we are decades if not centuries away from exploiting it as we have the Earth. Thus, we only have one planet. With only our planet, the resources are going to and are limited. What science will discover later is that a planet, any planet, will sustain only so much life. In the case of the Earth, about 550 million people is the ideal number of inhabitants. We are approaching four times that amount. Now couple this fact with individual attitudes of those who hold positions of power in the government, military and industry. The recipe for disaster is set. It will not stop there either. And the saddest thing about all this is that it will be America who causes the next World War. You seem to scoff at the idea that many of the world's countries are now democratic. I tend to agree with you. The fact is, even in the US, we are subjected to election fraud. Case in point, Bush and Florida. The reason I bring this up is because democracy gives us a way out (in an ideal world). If our leaders are not doing the will of the people then the people will vote them out of office. In reality, this is not the case. In Burma, people were told to vote for the governments candidate or they will loss there jobs. Intimidation is the order of the day thoughout the democratic world. This just demonstrates that those in power want to stay in power. By this act alone, demonstrates that those in power are working for their own good and not that of their people, not to mention the planet.
13 Dec 10
Well said!
@sjlskl (3384)
• Singapore
13 Dec 10
Indeed Einstein leave his imprints on World War II. I guess he was right with his prediction. Knowing how much devastation the atomic bomb created and how scientific will throw out something even more powerful, his prediction of WWIII wiping almost everything out is very much on track.
@sanjay91422 (2728)
• India
13 Dec 10
I fear the wars because I don't think there is a real need to prove the Albert Einstein's statement about the WW4. I think the two countries must resolve the issue and should understand their responsibility in the world. I have read the history of the World Wars and I never liked to remember the dates of the various happenings of the World Wars. I read them only to get good marks. I think our Leaders have a big responsibility and everyone should contribute towards this. I don't know what else can I do to stop the war except writing here. I wish everyone for a bright future in the world.
@LittleMel (14055)
• Canada
13 Dec 10
what most people forget is we, humans, determine the outcome we determine how our lives on earth will be most of us do not realize this and give our powers away to the govt etc so a small group of people control the destiny of all mankind humans have to wake up and take back this power the power to create our own destiny because any power is dangerous if fall in the wrong hands
@livecenter (1138)
• Malaysia
13 Dec 10
As for me, that will be a definite yes...Nobody in this world does not know that the 2 Koreans are waiting for a mistake from either side to spark the war, as you know, they don't want to be blamed for starting the war...Nevertheless, their allies are threatening the world balance, with the big powers (America, China, Russia, and European nations) showing each others' strength by possessing nukes...As for me, it is an impending doom that needs pending, forever...