Do you know what is Taurine?

@yoniarnon (1081)
December 13, 2010 3:55pm CST
All of energy drinks wrote they have high Taurine levels, i heard it ain't so good to drink it a lot.. So do you know what is Taurine and why it ain't good?
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@Hatley (164507)
• Garden Grove, California
13 Dec 10
hi according to what I read taurine is like an amino acid but lacks some stuff amino acids have but its present in our bodies and helps to keep too much sodium from getting into our blood cells while it keeps needed potassium and calcium n locked inside our blood cells,.so near as I could find out its not unsafe at all and is used in the body to keep us healthy. they also said it is high in energy drinks but is still at a safe level. so do notworry about. purineds are the things you shouild worry about as they cause painjul acidcrfystal in the blood causing gout.
@yoniarnon (1081)
• Israel
13 Dec 10
Thanks for the info, but know i don't know what is: "purineds" and "gout" :) can you give a bit info about this too?