do you use your phone as music player?

@asliah (11148)
December 14, 2010 7:17am CST
hi, do you use your mobile phone to play musics? coz i do, because i dont have mp4, so instead to buy mp4, i just used my mobile phone as my mp4.
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• Switzerland
14 Dec 10
Hello, I own an iPhone 3GS, so yes I do use my phone to play music and/or watch videos. Since the iPhones includes the iPod, I don't see any reason of having a seperate iPod, so I just use my iPhone for both watching short (and long) clips and listening to music while I am away. At home I use my PC and my wireless headset to listen to some music. Have a nice evening, samyboy280
@bjcyrix (6910)
• Philippines
1 Jan 11
I do use my phone as a music player. I used to do everything on it, games, internet, music, chat, call, and text. But it shut down on me so I had to have to repaired. After it was fixed, I limited my use to call, text and music player when I need to. It has a memory card and that is where I store my photos and music playlist. Whenever there is a dull moment, or Id have to wait for a long time for something, I listen to music on my mobile phone. It's just used for convenience.^_^
@anitoton (390)
• Kolkata, India
23 Dec 10
yes mee to.i also use my phone as music player when i am outside my home.because carrying a music player and good music enabled set is totally i use my phone as music player when i am in college or on travel..
@RamRes (1725)
• Argentina
18 Dec 10
No, I don't. I use my phone as.......... a phone. I use it to make calls, many many text messages, and from time to time use the notepad to take a brief reminder of something. Maybe a game from time to time. Nothing more, just the necesary things. Anyway, I don't ear nearly any music at all, so it's not an issue.
@aerous (13474)
• Philippines
18 Dec 10
Well, sometimes I make my phone to be a player but most of the time I'm not...
• Canada
15 Dec 10
I haven't yet upgraded my cellphone, so I am still using an old phone that I bought about four years ago. However, I have an iPod Touch, and that's where I store all of my music. I love it! If I had an iPhone, I'd use it as a music player, but at this point, I'm happy with my iPod Touch.
@rog0322 (2834)
• Cagayan De Oro, Philippines
15 Dec 10
Hi asliah, My cellphone has a 4GB micro sd card and its full of all kinds of music: rock, ballad, classic, you name it. Needless to say I always use it as I used my Walkman back during my college days. It has excellent sound reproduction too. My only hangup is its headphone wire that gets stiffer as time goes by. Maybe I'll have to replace it with a new headset.
• Ecuador
15 Dec 10
I have mp4, so I always use it when I want to listen to music. Also I own a cell phone, but... haha... it doesn't have music player!
• Philippines
15 Dec 10
Hi asliah! I do use my phone as music player too. I downloaded songs on my SD card then play the songs on my phone. It is much better for me having the smartphone since I can practically do anything on it. Cheers!
@ivancdp (73)
• Brazil
15 Dec 10
I have an iPhone 3GS and yes, my entire library is in it. I use it when I go jogging, in the bathroom, everywhere. I think that having everything in just one gadget makes everything so much easier. It's like in my living room: there's a ton of remote controllers... I wish there was one remote controller that could control everything. Oh wait, is that a univer.....
@wjack2010 (755)
14 Dec 10
I don'tlisten to music much but when I do it is usually on phone and laptop.
@rosekiss (30258)
• Eugene, Oregon
14 Dec 10
No, I don't as I don't have any music on my phone. I have never used any of my cell phones as music players. If I want to listen to music, I will either listen to it on my computer or I will put in a cd and listen to my music that way. I do use my cell phone for other things, like the internet, installing games and apps on it, taking pictures, and other features. Take care, and have a very good day.
• United States
14 Dec 10
Yes, I load it up with lots of music and then put it on shuffle. I also have a bunch of apps that play Christmas music for the season and I have play lists devoted to certain bands and genres of music. My phone is a little computer and when I can I'll tap an app to listen to music or just chill with some downloaded stuff.
@tenrajj (911)
• Bhutan
14 Dec 10
Yes i too use. It is better we use. Every where we go we carry our phone without forgetting. It has become like necessity to carry phone. so it is much easier to play songs from phone
@nicregi (1936)
• Malaysia
14 Dec 10
Yes I do. My phone is nearly everything for me. I surf web with it, check mail and even hear song with it. If I could find a radio nearby then that's fine. But yes, I use my hpone for hearing musics :)
@moneymaya (901)
• India
14 Dec 10
I have both m4 players and also songs player in my mobile and its depends in situation and the base of the condition I use it....
@chad257 (152)
• United States
14 Dec 10
I currently use my phone to conduct business calls. I work from home and needed an unlimited plan that didnot cost alot so I went to walmart to pick out my phone I do text alot but im not realy into a lot of music on my phone . I listen to music at home on satalite radio, as i am a big music fanatic. I cant live without my phone for a long time because I would think I realy Miss it . how about you?