How smart is your dog?

United States
December 14, 2010 5:50pm CST
I have a friend whose dog was constantly running off. He decided to install one of those underground fences to keep his dog in the yard. Worked pretty good for a while but he said his dog figured it out soon enough. When the dog would come close to the fence a beeper would start beeping, if he went closer still to the fence he would get an electric charge that would stop him in his tracks. The dog learned that if he got close enough to the fence for the beeper to start he could then lay down and wait for the battery to run down. When the beeper stopped beeping...well there went his dog down the street again. Pretty smart dog!
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@nonersays (2759)
• United States
19 Dec 10
Yep, that does sound like a smart dog. My dogs are not quite that clever. My lab is pretty dumb actually. My mix breed is smart enough to open the screen door to go outside on his own, or to lift the lid of the garbage can to get in it.
@jugsjugs (13045)
19 Dec 10
Sounds like a very smart dog.I think that our dogs are very clever as they know when we hide things for them and they sniff them out, also they do bring the things that they have found and wait for the comand so that they know that they are allowed to have what they have found.
@inu1711 (5288)
• Romania
15 Dec 10
No matter how much we would like our dogs to be smart, they are not THAT smart! The dog didn't know the battery will run off, it was only a happy coincidence for him. He just sat there, near the underground fence, like most of our dogs lie down behind the door, waiting for their masters to return home. Then, when the beeper stopped, it was only a matter of trial and error to escape again.
@alex8288 (292)
• Philippines
15 Dec 10
My Female PugZu cross breed between Pug and Shih tzu is very smart she can open her cage with its simple lock so I bought another lock for her cage because she keeps on opening it. My male pug is not that smart, even I opened his cage he don't know how to get out.
@Valene82 (89)
• United States
15 Dec 10
My dog was smart enough to figure out how to open the gate in the backyard. She saw how we opened it and she discovered she could lift the latch with her nose. She would always get out when we weren't home or when she saw something outside the yard she wanted to chase. We eventually had to get a lock for the gate so that she couldn't open it.