is it true?

@cssiduyz (1054)
December 15, 2010 8:58am CST
Hello mylotter, is it true that if the rating is greater than 500 we do not need to copy and paste a little bit? and is it true that if the rating is more than that then the money will be generated will be even greater?
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@Wefight (330)
15 Dec 10
No no matter how high or how many posts you have got you will alwas earn the same on here you might find yourself earnng more overtime though as you will start to know more people and will be more friendly on here.I think the only targets at the moment are smileys at 200 and copy and paste at 500 it would be a good idea if they did add it so that you could make more though but they wont as it is about the quality of the post and not just spamming or writting little things that are worthless too them.I normally earn 1 cent for every item i post so if i am more active i could earn quite a lot in a day and the most i have made from one post is a whopping 4 cents but i have to admit it took me 30 minutes of hard fast typing to finish it.
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@mysdianait (64058)
• Italy
15 Dec 10
How much you earn for your posts is also determined by the value of your star. A user who types a post and has a high value star will earn more for it than a user with a lower value star would.
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@Hatley (164640)
• Garden Grove, California
15 Dec 10
hi cssiduyz you have it backwards if you rate 500 you can copy and p ast. also its not the rating that affects our earnings, it your reputation nujmber inside you star. mylot admins tells you in their information that the reputation ranking number is indeed taken insto consideration while composing the algorithm of your earnings so the highe your start the better you will earn.
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@Eppie2010 (509)
• Philippines
15 Dec 10
Hi Cssiduyz, it's the no. of posts and not the rating. If you have reached 200 you can include smileys and for reaching 500 posts you can copy and paste freely. The money generated or rates per response I think is still the same. ^_^
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@Sanitary (3969)
• Singapore
20 Dec 10
When u reach the 500 post mark, u will be able to copy and paste the whole context, if anything were to go wrong, and your comments are not posted. That's the only benefits one has when they reached that magical mark. Earnings, rating wise, they are not affected at all, and it shall remain the same. PLease read the TOS instead of wasting time starting new posts.
@syoti20 (5295)
• Philippines
16 Dec 10
You already have 438 response made. So you need 70 more in order to activate your copy+paste feature.
@rosekiss (30268)
• Eugene, Oregon
15 Dec 10
Copying and pasting does not affect our earnings whatsoever. However, the higher your rating is, the more you will earn, as those with higher star ratings, will earn more than those with low star ratings. Also, it depends on the quality of your psots as well, as if you just post a few words, you might not earn anything. You posts need to be descriptive and have substance to really earn anything at all. I hope that this has helped you understand a little better. Good luck to you and happy mylotting.