What exactly do editors get paid to do? This is a rant!

December 15, 2010 8:43pm CST
Maybe I just never paid attention before, but it seems lately I keep finding more and more errors in my books. From having the same page printed twice to poor grammar. I get so disgusted I have actually thrown some books out. I know we all make mistakes, and my writing can be abysmal, but I'm not paid to do it. I'm not claiming that this is my chosen career path. I am far more lenient when I see poor writing and grammar in a forum or bulletin board. But I pay for books that are, supposedly, written by experts. So is it unreasonable to expect expert quality? You are charging me because, apparently, your advice/novel/expertise is good enough to warrant a price for the writing. Then give me my money's worth!
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@bobmnu (8160)
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16 Dec 10
You are talking about things that should be caught by a proof reader. The editor of a newspaper or magazine usually makes the decisions as to what will be published and where the article will go in the publication. A book editor I believe is one who decides what books will be published by the company. they may make suggestions on the story line or character development. It is up to a proof reader to check for mistakes in grammar or spelling.
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