Alarming situation of obesity.

December 16, 2010 6:46am CST
Obesity is now no doubt a global problem. It has already played havoc in the rich developed countries but a fair number of the developing countries like India are also a victim of this grave health hazard where the affluent section is mainly the target of it. Obesity makes a person prone to some grave diseases like diabetes mellitus, hypertension, cardiovascular disorders and so on. So a global alarm against the problem of obesity has already been issued by the medical professionals and people are growing more and more conscious of the magnitude of it. But yet I think a much more attention is needed to combat this global problem. What you say? Are you aware of the alarming situation as well as the consequences?
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@Netsbridge (3242)
• United States
18 Dec 10
No surprise to me. With too much refined foods and no exercise, it would not take long before a person starts bloating.
• United States
18 Dec 10
Below is link to helpful healthy eating habits, and how to attain and maintain a healthy lifestyle: Think Healthy! -
@blue65packer (11835)
• United States
21 Dec 10
Here is my story. I am morbidly obses. I have had a weight problem all my life. When I was a kid and a teenager it was not bad as it is today. Not at all even though everyone around me thought it was and made me believe it! Now at 48 I am struggling more and more with it! I am in menopause,my metabolsm is screwed up.I have an eating disorder.I rarely eexercise.I have trouble,still,with low confidence and self-esteem. I really don't eat alot of healthy food. I am starting to feel more problems with my body thanks to my weight and age! I am lucky so far not to have any high blood pressure or diabetites! I think the only thing that would work on me to lose and keep off some weight would be to have hypnois done on me. I have tried on my own to think postively on my own to lose weight! It doesn't work! I don't want to try a diet program because I never stick to those things! I do have some problems with depression which doesn't help! I live to eat not eat to live! If I don't control my weight soon I will end up over 400 lbs! Forget joining any weight lose group! I can't afford it! With my next tax returns I will use the money to get hypnois done! Nothing scares me into doing anyhting! I know I should but I know I'll fail if I try! I eat in the middel of the night! I eat food for confort,att imes when I am loney,depressed,frustrated,angry,stressed out and when it is the holidays! All examples! You'd think scienists could invent a pill by now to make us lose weight and then keep it off with out any hard work! That is what I keep dreaming about!
• China
20 Dec 10
Obese people lack one thing__perseverance,In the face of the good food that may not willpower,not for their perseverance and exercise excuses.
@dorannmwin (36698)
• United States
19 Dec 10
You are most definitely right about the fact that obesity is definitely a global pandemic. The thing that really stinks about it is the fact that I have been a victim of this terrible disease. However, I also realized what was happening to me and now it is something that I am trying to combat in my life. What I have found to be the case is that we need to change all aspects of our lives in order to beat the illness.
@ebuscat (5949)
• Philippines
17 Dec 10
Form me yes that's why I manage my time to eat and not much even if I want to eat more because it is hard to handle if you are the stage of obesity I'm 30years of age now.
@celticeagle (121067)
• Boise, Idaho
17 Dec 10
With my medical problems i don't get much exercise and so I am about double what I should be. I don't like being overweight and it makes my arthritis worse but when a person's only real enjoyment is food that is not always healthy then that is the way it is. If a person on SSD could afford the good food that they need to be healthy then things might be different.
@jak2010 (1550)
• Papua New Guinea
16 Dec 10
obesity is a global problem and you are quiet right in saying that obesity is now slowly creeping into devoling countries. Tonga, a small island country in the Pacific tops the world sometimes ago for obesity, and a small tribal group in Papua New Guinea called Wanigela was the next. So the cause of obsity may not be alluded to lifestyle and diet, but may also can be seen as a gentic problem where obseity can be genetically inherited. We need to be careful of our lifestyle, diet, religious dietary laws etc, but also have scientist study whehther it is a genetic diesease.
• United States
16 Dec 10
It appears to be a major issue in the US, as so many restaurants and fast food chains are continually tempting to so many. I am one who eats very healthy but understand that for many it has become a major issue. It does cause a vary amount of health issues but as whole people really need to be cautious on how they nourish, it has to start when the children are little as healthy eating habits is hard to begin later in life.
@nicregi (1936)
• Malaysia
16 Dec 10
Hi there. In my opinion, yes obesity is one of the factors that are affecting us globally. However, I would say many people are also quite aware of the matter and they have taken many steps to reduce their weight. In Malaya, everyone eat and we eat alot. We eat rice nearly every meal (including breakfast) and we just love fried food. Maybe that's why some of us Malaysian are overweight :P Just my 2 cents!
@cssiduyz (1054)
• Indonesia
16 Dec 10
indeed very concern at all, because it's true we should be able to maintain our health and the environment around us because it is the most important thing. because if we can overcome it, then our health will be threatened by the disease.