Where are the Traditional Filipino Games?

@yallit (3684)
December 17, 2010 3:20pm CST
I pity the kids these days for not playing the traditional games that we used to play when we were young. I missed seeing kids play "taguan" or "patintero" in the streets. I see the younger generation instead at computer cafes playing online games. During my younger years, I, together with friends play "taguan", "patintero", "langit/lupa", "tumbang preso" and other traditional games that we love to play. Oh, let me add "luksong tinik" and then during summer, we do kite flying. I was addicted also with competitive Filipino games like "trumpo", marbles, "lastiko" and even "teks". I remember the time when "POG" has become a sensation as well. For indoor games, we have chess, scrabble, monopoly and even the guessing game of "names/places/things/animals" and the like. My friends share the same sentiment that at times when we go to beach outings, we play "patintero" on the shore. There was a time when we were in Boracay, foreigners were watching us play "patintero". It seems like they were not used to seeing a game like that because most of the beach-goers play volleyball, football throwing or freesbie. How about you? What were your favorite Filipino games? Or what do you want kids these days play at least once in a while?