Try you choose, below is a movie where the most memorable animation .....?

@gengeni (3308)
December 18, 2010 11:30pm CST
um ...... from 8 Animation movie below, write a movie just gives the "Inspiration" is more of an audience ...! 1. Up (Pixar / Disney) = 2009 2. Finding Nemo (Pixar / Disney) = 2003 3. Wall - E (Pixar / Disney) = 2008 4. Monsters Inc. (Pixar / Disney) = 2001 5. Coraline (Focus Feauture) = 2009 6. Tim Burton's Corpse Bride (Warner Bros.) = 2005 7. Toy Story 3 (Pixar / Disney) = 2010 8. Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit (DreamWorks) = 2005 The films I choose based on a good moral message, but according to you where the film version of moral message and inspire the most memorable ....??? I choose Coraline,: Directed by Henry Selick based on the novel by Neil Gaiman, Coraline is telling describe how parents (mothers) with his children. Children are often treated as puppets are easily formed by parents on the grounds that they were raising their children. Through the portrayal of the souls who are imprisoned, the film seemed to want to criticize the ways to teach parents how often it actually "turn off" his son, although by reason of affection though. The presence of the name of Wybourne (read: why born) progressively sharpen this criticism. Smart! Children are no longer valued as a human being with a soul that is free, but not much different with the property. Rather than humanized precisely dibendakan child. Parents should ideally act as a guide. Children on the other hand are also required to respect others by not judge someone based on appearance alone. This was successfully studied by Coraline, because it turns out the people around him have an attractive personality when he wants to open his eyes and his heart. Anything else needed to say is be careful with your dream, because it often is not as beautiful as a dream come true. For those who've read his novels, definitely going to see some differences. Henry Selick who also doubles as a script writer, made some modifications. Greatest creation of Henry Selick, of course with Dihadirkannya Wybourne. Characters that this one does not exist at all in his novel. This change turned out to have a positive impact, because the presence of Wybourne actually makes the story more solid substance. Fortunately Henry Selick discard some elements of the rather provocative in his novel. Without assistance, the novel Coraline by I, can encourage children to do the kind of "rebellion". Not a bad actually, but it could have become unmanageable to cause chaos. The most provocative, of course when there are parts in his novel that ignore gender issues. Interestingly, Neil Gaiman seems obsessed with one of Shakespeare's phrase "what's in a name", to raise the issue of existence (the child). Frankly, compared to the novel, Henry Selick Coraline version jauuuh more good and entertaining. A rare achievement that can be achieved by a work of adaptation. Henry Selick really succeeded in presenting a spectacle that is imaginative and rich in color, and good at combining beauty with horror. Maybe She'll feel creepy for little kids, but adults are guaranteed an audience guaranteed to be able to enjoy the visual sensations that were presented. Viewers will be amazed with some scenes such as attractions Misses Spink and Forcible are ... WOW. Notice when they split with a beautiful body, as if inigin asserted do not judge someone from the outer skin. Not to mention the scene in the park are very imaginative and not appear in the novel. The mice play circus, certain to be making fun of the young audience.
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22 Dec 10
I've watched some of the movies you've mentioned. I personally choose Wall-E and Up. Most animated films have really good lessons with them especially since they're more designed to capture the younger audience attention. Up is such a great movie and the funny parts are just hilarious. The idea of reaching your dream is always something that touches a part of my life. I'm quite a dreamer and movies like these give quite a satisfaction. With Wall-E, the idea of not having a world to live in because of our own neglect to the environment is quite alarming and some scenes from the movie had made me feel that even machines have feelings too. Quite beautiful and romantic as well.
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21 Dec 10
For me it's Finding Nemo. I think the animation is amazing, plus the movie itself is so memorable.
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21 Dec 10
I've seen all the movies on your list except for Coraline. I'm not really interested in Coraline. The trailers never attracted my interest, and no matter how many good things I hear about it... I just don't want to see it. Can't really explain it. lol I'm kind of put off by the animation style. I know loads of people love stop animation but I just don't like it. I can like a story in spite of the animation, but it has to be a story that I love... and I have a feeling I won't love Coraline at all. Out of the movies you listed, I think Wall-E is my favorite. I love all of Pixar's animation films because they always have great stories that I can enjoy. They're not afraid to tell stories that aren't entirely fluffy, and they aren't afraid to tell stories that are far from dark. What's the most inspirational film on the list? I think I'd still say Wall-E. But some of my recent favorite animation films aren't on your list at all. How to Train Your Dragon (Dreamworks Animation) and Legend of the Guardians (Warner Brothers and Animal Logic) are probably my most favorite animated films of all time. Legend of the Guardians is the one that I would label as most inspirationally, simply because I'd never seen a film with such beautiful animation, such an amazing story, and such a great and noble heart.
@sunnycool (12736)
• India
19 Dec 10
Oops i didn't watch any of those movies you mentioned above.I got this Wall-E in my hard disk but never watched it...may be its time to search for it Coraline seems to be good. Recent animation movie i have watched was "How to train your dragon" --- it was neither good nor bad.Story is about a kid who shows the world that dragons are to be loved than not to be killed.great day.