Does anyone use the new opera11? The search on the page is the most stupid thing

@Lisander (273)
December 19, 2010 12:07am CST
Why the don't have "search as you type" function that you can check if you want it? instead they have the opposite, "search the whole word" that you need to check each time you search something on a page or he will search as you type. if you don't want to lose your place on the page. Imagine - you are searching for he word "discussion", you start typing, it finds the letter "d" and shifts the page to it, then it finds di and shifts again, then dis, then disc and thats all. There is no "discussion" word on this page that you are searching. But you found the word "disc" and lost your place on the page that you were reading. What a stupid thing to do? why they do something like this i don't understand.
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@elkanwa (625)
• Malaysia
19 Dec 10
No, im not Opera user. I prefer to use chrome, or flock and brand new rockmelt browser. Just Try it, hope you can find better result in your searching over the internet.
@rosdimy (3936)
• Malaysia
19 Dec 10
I think the best thing to do would be to contact them regarding this issue. The problem would then be brought to their attention. On a personal note I am not having the same problem as yours. Maybe it has something to do with the settings, or maybe because I did not do it exactly the way you did.