To tell or not tell

@cripfemme (7718)
United States
December 20, 2010 11:45pm CST
I'm writing a story. I have a question. One character is in a girl/girl relationship, although she likes both and is quite loose. Her girlfriend is devoted and a bit pathetic in her devotion. Character has decided against better judgment to try to be monogamous with the devoted girl, but slips up and sleeps with her girlfriend's best best friend (who happens to be boy). She gets caught. But then the girl get hit by a car (or some other accident) and gets amnesia. She doesn't know that her girlfriend slept with her best friend anymore. If your the girlfriend do you tell or not tell?
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• United States
21 Dec 10
She doesn't tell. That way you can either write it as a romantic comedy where the truth is always about to come out. Or you can write it as a thriller. The guy wants the woman and is always about to tell the girl the truth.
@whateva (786)
• India
21 Dec 10
hehe ummmmmmmmmmm i would tell. being honest is very important in real relationships. thats what i've heard :p
@eLsMarie (4148)
• Philippines
21 Dec 10
Hey! I write stories too. Can we be friends? It would be best if you put there that it took a bit time for them to confess stuffs. When the girl plans to tell the truth already, she was shocked because the other girl already found out that she was fooled by her friend. I love tragic stories.
@webearn99 (1744)
• India
21 Dec 10
Sounds like a sentimental movie script. This is what I think. If there is amnesia, and all is forgotten, not to tell is okay. The hurt is not needed in the present condition of the girl. On the flip side if memory ever were to return, there would be hell to pay!