Webcam Chat

@lyan08 (119)
December 21, 2010 10:21pm CST
Do you use webcam when chatting?
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@jhudy101 (373)
• Philippines
19 May 11
yes i use my webcam in chatting. its how to show u are real and in return i would ask a webcam back since i love it fair haha. well the point is it is always nice to see whom u are chatting with. its not a bad thing i think. and i always have my webcam connected to my pc and they are inseparable like a good partner hahaha
@Kalyni2011 (3503)
• India
26 Mar 11
I chat only with my sons, daughter and hubby if he is out of station, yes i use webcam I never chat with strangers and never visit any chat room.. thanks for this discussion cheers godbless kalyani
@youless (89114)
• Guangzhou, China
23 Dec 10
Although I have a webcam, but I almost don't use it when I am chatting via the net. I like to do the different things at the same time. Such as I will surf the net, reply to email etc. But if I turn on the webcam, at least I shall pay attention to the chat only. Otherwise it will be impolite. I love China
• United States
22 Dec 10
I use my webcam when talking to friends and family on Skype but not with random people. It's just too personal and can get too awkward.
@ranelyn (30)
22 Dec 10
yes i used webcam when i chat..why whats the matter in using webcam while chatting i just curious abowt that
@chowee (517)
• Philippines
22 Dec 10
When i used to communicate to my relatives, YES i use webcam in chatting. But, when i used to chat unknown people r those people i have cheated, i dont use webcam chat for security.hahahaha
@phyrre (2324)
• United States
22 Dec 10
I only use webcam to chat in certain instances, like this Christmas. My mother, stepfather, and sister live 900 miles away and unfortunately we were unable to go there for Christmas this year. So, we will be webcamming so that we can see each other open presents and to keep in touch since we haven't seen each other in probably six months. We sometimes web cam with them from time to time just to keep in touch and see each other's faces since we only really see each other maybe twice a year.
• United States
22 Dec 10
I like to use my webcam for chatting. But, it can be a pain when it is not doing it's job. I think it is better to see and listen to the person rather in words. You would less likely to get misunderstood as well! I think it is a lot more fun to see the person as well and really talk.