window shopping

@alokijon (665)
December 22, 2010 8:07am CST
I went to some of the malls in my area just now. This time I was specifically went for a window shopping. I just wanted to see the discounts offered by these malls. Yes some are quite tempting with up to 90% but I am sure there must be a catch behind it. Just that I was not able to check what is the catch. The malls are decorated with wonderful Christmas theme. i just love the scenery in the malls.
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• United States
23 Dec 10
Besides the overcrowding I suppose it is quite fun to see all the decoration and sales. I too must refrain from going inside the stores as the sales are quite tempting. I know that if I did I would over spend. LOL
@whateva (786)
• India
22 Dec 10
i do it all the time :P even if i visit someones place, its just like window shopping to me. cous in a creepy way i would stare at every weird thing and would ask them whats this, what does it do,where did you get it from :P i can be real creepy sometimes
@maezee (35205)
• United States
22 Dec 10
I like the scenery at the malls, or even downtown, too. It's very pretty. But I find it kind of depressing to window-shop just because I never have enough money to buy everything that I want. lol
• Philippines
22 Dec 10
Hi! Most of the time, I go to the malls and just check on what I can buy but end up buying nothing. Although some are quite expensive, I tend to buy them when I have that gut feeling that it will be gone soon. I love to go window shopping during this time of the year because the mall is so packed with different goodies and most of them are on sale and the decorations are really beautiful. I also like taking pictures of these decorated shops/ stalls at the mall 'cause they make a great scene to capture. One of our malls here at our place have a giant Santa and people love taking pictures with it.