What is your dream marriage, if you still haven't had one??

December 22, 2010 4:20pm CST
Descride what you think your dream marriage would be, and if you already have, then tell what you wished it could have been. My dream marriage is to get married in some beautiful country in Asia, in a nice clearing with cherry blossom trees, during a sunset. Also with pretty asian music, like an asian gamelan or something. But what's your perfect marriage going to be like? Use your imagination
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@buggles64 (2715)
• United States
22 Dec 10
Cherry blossoms are very pretty, so I hope that you are able to get married with many cherry blossoms around. I would love to get married in the botanical gardens while the flowers are blooming. The gardens are so pretty! I think it would be cool to get married on cupids kissing bridge (lol..or something like it). I of course would want Hawaiian garland (leis) for all the guests to wear. And then a reception on the beach.
• Canada
22 Dec 10
Yeah, gardens are super pretty, especially in the spring while the flowers are blooming. A reception at the beach sounds perfect as well, I love the ocean, well mostly because I was born near it. I think your guests would like to have Hawaiian garlands, they are so pretty with all of their different colours! It would be a very colourful wedding I think.
@Galena (9123)
22 Dec 10
I had a handfasting in a beautiful stone circle near me, and the legal marriage was afterwards beside a subterranean lake in a disused slate mine surrounded by HUNDREDS of candles. it was perfect.
• Canada
22 Dec 10
Aw! That sounds like it was a really beautiful wedding! Ooo, and it was a stone circle too! Sounds really neat
• Philippines
29 Dec 10
hello merisa, Everyone want to have a perfect wedding but nothing is perfect in this world, i want my wedding to be intimate only family and close friends will attend it. I want a beach wedding so if we are going to exchange vows it will be sunset :), beside i am a nature lover. :) But most important my groom will not run away hahaha! have a nice day!