Do you think stock seems promising during 2011?

United States
December 22, 2010 6:35pm CST
2010 is almost over, and we all experienced this stock markets turbulence. We might just lost our faith in stock, while some people rather invest more in gold or government bonds. So, it seems our stocks is rising again, and it seems promising according to those experts explanation. So, if you are a stock investors, like those mutual funds and index funds, would you invest your money in stock again, rather than bonds? Because bonds might not be that looking good as stocks in 2011.
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• India
23 Dec 10
Gold has reached higher than stock market, I remember when Gold and Stock Market in India had 50% difference but now a days both are very close in numbers. I guess people got lot of money and investing in Gold as well as Stocks. I sold 70% of my equities to book my home last week, booked some good profit and sold few with loss. As of now I am trying to get out from not so good stocks and invest in Index and large cap securities, I also invest in MF using SIP mode. Market should be good in coming year. Thank You for sharing.
@NarutoFTW (134)
23 Dec 10
Hmmm well the economy doesnt look that great. Its better - not great. The USA and UK both over estimated the growth of thier respective economys . They are growing at a very smaller rate than before. My bet would be to invest in TV companies, during the "dry" season and then sell when ratings are sure to go up. Like here in the UK i would buy in ITV and late jan sometime, then sell in december when X-Factor is on and ratings sky rocket. In the USA it would be the same for when the Superbowl or when American Iodl/X factor comes over there. Massive Ratings, shares increase, sell sell sell. But hey thats a theory.
@goldeneagle (6775)
• United States
23 Dec 10
I hope that the stock market goes strong in 2011, because if all goes according to plan, I am going to start investing in stocks and mutual funds during the first half of 2011...