if you could change one thing about your past, what it would be and why?

December 23, 2010 3:34am CST
i want to bring back the time when my grandmother was still alive.. yes she already died for 3 years but there is one thing i can't forget November, her birth month i promise her that i will give her a box of chocolate, as a present for her birthday the chocolate is an ordinary type and its cheap, but that is what my grandmother wants.. since i am only 15 and 2nd yr high school that time, my savings was depend on my allowance, and when i have the amount, im walking in the mall and i saw a t shirt, very nice shirt.. i hesitates but then i bought the t shirt instead. when my grandmothers birthday came, im looking at her and she seems that she forget my promise to her.. january her Diabetes was so bad and she cant eat, she cant walk she was always on the bed. january 26 she died.. :( thats all.. merry christmas
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@indahfth (11172)
• Indonesia
24 Dec 10
Something that I want to change from the past, that I wanted to change my habits in college. I used to lecture lazy and often absent. If I could go back to my college days, I will study diligently, and finish my college degree.
• Australia
24 Dec 10
I will skip watching Skyline in the cinema. Sorry for anyone out there who love this movie so much. It is just my opinion. No offense. Merry Christmas!
@thaohong (19)
• Vietnam
24 Dec 10
Dear my friend, I can understand your feeling when you lost a family member, but at least you had nice memories about your grandmother. Everything happens according to its period: to be born - live - sick - die. Your grandmother was gone and time after time you will get older and ...die also. Let open your mind and feel everything passes through your life as a nature.
@Lore2009 (7388)
• United States
24 Dec 10
I'm sorry for your loss. May she rest in peace. If I can change one thing, I would not have given a lot of things back to my ex. I would have kept a lot of it since he doesn't really appreciate it anyway and I would've taken better care for it and a lot I could've used.
• Netherlands
23 Dec 10
Sorry to hear my friend, truely am. If there was one thing I could change, it would be my acting to this one girl. Apparently she really liked me, and I liked her aswell, I really did. I just never had the guts to tell her or ask her out. Hearing afterwards that she really liked me aswell, just really sucks. But she has moved on now, and so have I.
@asliah (11148)
• Philippines
23 Dec 10
hi, if i could have the chance to change one thing about my past, it would be my previous work, if i could only know that contractual employee will be zero outed by the admin, i would apply for for a position where i could be a regular. thats it.