credit card and internet

December 23, 2010 6:10am CST
many use credit cards merely a means of payment. whereas there are many other functions that can facilitate their owners. Credit cards have bocome part and parcel of the lives of internet users. for transactions shopping on yhe internet easier to use credit cards. variety of reasons people use credit cards. what is your reason for using a credit card? thank you
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@Sanitary (3969)
• Singapore
28 Dec 10
I don't have a credit card right now, because it causes me to be in m plight now. I've already cancelled all my credit cards while leaving myself only a debit card for convenience sake. In the past, i used my credit cards for everything, from shopping to paying of bills, as well as paying for things i don't how i ended up with. With the ability to spend without paying upfront, i feel a sense of power, but that didn't last long before i realise my debt. That's where i decide to come out of it.
• Philippines
28 Dec 10
The reason I don't have a credit card is that I was a victim of those fraudulent purchases. If not for that I would still be using credit cards. It is so convenient but kind of risky because anyone can forge your signature and worse, most salesclerks are not trained to really determine whether the signatures are valid or not. Now I am stuck using debit card, but that's okay. It still has the convenience of not lugging cash around, and you don't incur interests as you would with credit cards.
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@advokatku (4037)
• Indonesia
24 Dec 10
My reason for using a credit card is to bail out first when I go shopping
@youless (94715)
• Guangzhou, China
23 Dec 10
I like to use credit card. Most of the time I go shopping online and pay by my credit card. When I go out, I don't have to carry lots of cash. It is cleaner and safer for me to take my credit card. And I don't really have to deposit some money in my credit card. I can return the money online before it starts to charge me the debit interest. And my bank will offer me gifts according to my purchase amount. So you can see the credit card is really convenient. I love China
@owlwings (40006)
• Cambridge, England
23 Dec 10
I use a credit card because it is safe (I am protected against fraud by the terms of the agreement in a better way than I am with a debit card and, so long as I check that the website is secure - begins with HTTPS - and is owned by a known and reputable company); it is convenient (it is easy to enter the payment details and the site quickly checks the validity of the card) and quick (usually the transaction is instant and the seller has confidence that they will be paid). Provided that I don't overspend and always remember to pay off the balance in full when it is due, I don't incur any charges or interest and I only have a single monthly payment to make. If a credit card is used to obtain long-term credit (longer than about 50 days) it can be a very expensive way of buying things but, if used properly and with sensible budgeting, it can be an extremely useful way of paying.