Haiti and money

United States
December 23, 2010 12:48pm CST
I am so tire of these comericals that want to fight hunger overseas and help haiti and all that mess. When katrina hit how many countries ran to our aid to help us. the flooding in cali who is there to help us? I see homeless vets and families on the streets here and kids that are hungry here and who is helping them? NO One, all these other countries want our help but they do not want to help us in return. Yes the U N had its purpose at one time but no more. I say you (UN) you are on u s soil you should help pay for every thing equally not u s pay it all. Either help out or get off our soil. there are 59 countries in un so why are we paying everything. as far as that goes why is the u s paying iraqi soldiers they should be paying our soildiers. we if go to help they should pay us. we should not be reasponsible for rebuilting their country they should do it. Everyone wants us to give whether it be food money or soldiers blood and no one wants to help. Do you agree or not.
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@Angelwriter (1956)
• United States
25 Dec 10
Do I think people in the US who are victims of disaster or poverty should get help from those who can afford it? Absolutely. But, I think anyone and everyone who needs help should get it. I put no restrictions on who I help. I can't do that much. I'm only one person and not rich. I donated money to Haiti. And, I don't care if Haiti would have given money to me if I had been a victim of Katrina. I could have been, too. I lived and still live right outside of New Orleans when it happened. And used to live right in the heart of where it hit hardest. And, if I had lived there and survived but lost my material possessions, you know what? I would still give if I had it to someone else. It wouldn't even occur to me to wonder if they helped me. That's not why I give. Should the US take care of its citizens? Yes, yes, yes. Should other countries help in times of crisis when they can? Sure. It's called being humane. And the US should help other countries. If someone needs help and you have the resources then you should help. Whether they helped you doesn't factor. At least it wouldn't factor for me. I have been looking for the best charities that help US citizens. I give money to the Salvation Army. Because I do think helping people at home is important. But, my desire to help the US has nothing to do with whether other countries helped America. I can't help everyone. Who can? So unfortunately, there are people I can't give aid to. I wish I could. But, I don't choose to not donate based on who didn't help the US. In fact, when I'm deciding to give money to a cause, I'd rather not know if they ever gave to me or to my country. I'd like to be able to say that I gave purely out of the desire to help those who needed it. Not out of some kind of system of reciprocity.
@buggles64 (2715)
• United States
23 Dec 10
I never really thought about that, well the way you have worded it. Yes, I agree, the u s should not have to pay for everything, so help should/will be provided so that the u s doesn't have to go it alone. I agree.