New Year is on its way and have you taken any resolutions ?

December 24, 2010 6:57pm CST
Well just 6 more days left for the New Year . I ve taken many reolution and 1 of'em is to quit smoking . I just started smoking around 2 months back and guess what I 'm addicted . WHenever I see my friends , I also smoke . However I never smoke when I am alone !
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@wonga94 (218)
• Singapore
25 Dec 10
Hi lightknight60! I'm so glad that you decided to quit smoking as your new year's resolution. It's a bad habit that harms your health and everyone around you. I'm cheering for you! My new year's resolution is to study hard for my final year in school next year. I have to admit that i wasn't behaving well in school this year. I slept for most of the classes because of staying up past till midnight and i was also late for almost everyday and so i got detention from my discipline master. I didn't manage to hand up most of the assignments given by my teachers and they spent the whole year chasing me for them.
• India
25 Dec 10
Oh well , I am in my second last year ..It is good that you study hard ..You are some of similar to me ..I also get punishments and all but thats for my mischief nature ..I bunk classes with my friends , have not made notes and all ..But I do study and get good marks ..AFter all these two years are going to decide our futures . In my final years , our school teachers are going to play no role as checking and all will take place by faculties of other schools ! so cheers !
26 Dec 10
Yes I made my New Year resolutions. The problem is could I keep it? Its like telling yourself to quit smoking and finding out that you cannot achieve it.
@maezee (31964)
• United States
25 Dec 10
Ah, new years resolutions..I am so not ready to make them or even think about them. I'm also a smoker, although I smoke.. all the time pretty much - alone, with friends, etc. It's not good for my health and costs too much money - I want to quit but I'm not sure when I want to or will try. I want to start eating better, create a savings plan, take a vacation, etc. I have so many goals for myself this year. I only hope I can accomplish them all! Have a good new years!