What are the ways you do when you are dizzy?

Pasay, Philippines
December 25, 2010 11:18am CST
What do you drink or eat when you are dizzy? Why do you encounter this kind of illness? I don’t know that how come I am so dizzy every morning especially after my breakfast then I will face the monitor. That is why sometimes I really tend to drink softdrinks or even energy drink so that I won’t be dizzy but then sometimes it works but there are times that it can’t affect. Who are the celebrities that you like and dislike?
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@lkbooi (16101)
• Malaysia
30 Dec 10
Hi Metatronik, it's quite serious if you encounter such illness every morning. For a healthy person shouldn't be like that I suppose. I suggest you to have a health inspection to find out the cause of the dizziness that happens so often in every morning I seldom come across such dizzy problem unless I were to be lack of proper rest in night time. This would usually happen when I couldn't fall asleep riding on a awesome long-haul aircraft. I would feel dizzy when I step out the airport and expose under the strong sunlight Take care and happy posting
@jugsjugs (13045)
28 Dec 10
I get dizzy spells as well as blurred vision and that is due to high blood pressure, which is worrying as i am taking alot of blood pressure pills now and they do not seem to be working at all.I had a nurse come to see me and my bp was 145 over 100,I felt fine, so and that was high, so when i get really dizzy it must be alot higher than that.You should go to the drs and get your bp checked out.
@Hatley (164484)
• Garden Grove, California
26 Dec 10
metatronik really you should go see an eye,ears and throat specialist as it sounds like you have inner ear problems. My best friend Nelda had the same thing and he perscribed pills that cured it within a few weeks.HI I like Celine Dion and a number of others whose names escape me right now. I never have dizzy spells but if I did I would get to my doctor as soon as possible as this could be a s symptome of high blood pressure or stroke. so do not try to home remedy this instead get to your doctor immediately.
@mtrguanlao (5527)
• Philippines
26 Dec 10
Hi metatronik! I guess you are feeling dizzy now since your post is about dizziness and at the end you are asking about celebrities,lol! I usually feel dizzy,I have a vertigo,maybe you have one. You should consult a doctor about it. There are many causes of dizziness,one maybe because of your eyesight,you may be having astigmatism. Some causes are also the imbalance of the ears which I am suffering from. Usually I drink dizzy tabs to get rid of it,I don't move and move so I wont feel more dizzy. I also put on a seaband which my hubby gave me to prevent dizziness. See you around!
• China
26 Dec 10
I suggest you should go to see a doctor for a check-up,take blood pressure.One of the symptoms of Hypotension is dizzy.