Launcher rocket of India.

December 26, 2010 11:14am CST
It is very unfortunate on the part of India that the launcher rocket carrying India’s heaviest communication satellite exploded 47 seconds after lift-off. Had it been a success, it could create history on the eve of the happy Christmas day and India could gain entry into the small elite club of countries who have gained the technology to send heavy satellites into space. But failures are the pillars of success. So, as Indians, we should not be disheartened at all and should keep confidence in our scientists. Success is sure to come. Am I right?
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@vicereine (458)
• United States
26 Dec 10
Of course you are right you should never give up or not have hope. After all practice makes perfect, anything worth doing takes hard work and many tries. I know that even though the first one did not go so well now the scientist know for next time what to avoid and what to add so the next one I am sure will be wonderful.
• India
26 Dec 10
Yes, I also believe that our scientists would learn from their failures.
@bounce58 (17526)
• Canada
29 Dec 10
Maybe part of being in the elite club of countries that have sent satellites into space, is that news about this never reached a lot of people. Because I certainly did not hear or read about this. But like you said, failures are the pillar of success. And I'm sure that the engineers and scientists behind this project have learned from this mistake and will make it better the next go around.
@jak2010 (1550)
• Papua New Guinea
27 Dec 10
Certainly it was unfortunate to hear and for this to happen. It would be indeed a history maker. The only bad side of it is waste of money that otherwise would be used to lift the standard of life of people living in the slums.
@Jacobus1919 (1683)
• Philippines
27 Dec 10
Well, failures aren't anything major. It is just a small setback I think. Sooner or later India will surely send of its own satellites into space.
@SHAMRACK (8384)
• India
27 Dec 10
Dear friend, I hope it is definitely a great part of achievement, even though it was not success. Try and try till it success, I am sure soon India will come out with success.
@rog0322 (2834)
• Cagayan De Oro, Philippines
27 Dec 10
Hi Doctor, I heard the news too. Fortunately no life was involved in that unfortunate and untimely event, I hope so. You should not lose hope. The Americans and any nations for that matter, have lost more lives on their space program but they never stopped trying. Failure is one of the signs that a small step has been accomplished.