Bahasa Indonesia vs Foreign Languages

@advokatku (4037)
December 26, 2010 9:10pm CST
Following the trend of international schools, Bahasa Indonesia had eroded. I dont know, whether this purely to improve the quality or just create a prestige, now foreign language has been the study of superior and became a language of instruction at some schools. As if, when student's speak foreign languages fluently, has feel great and are considered smart. How do you view about this, friends ... Are we still proud of Bahasa Indonesia?
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• Indonesia
28 Dec 10
No doubt, that is only English language which can be used widely in this universe same like here we're discussing using English. Learning English is very important nowadays since we go to globalization, means communication between nations will be increased. Mostly they communicate using English. Using English language cannot be associated with the level of our nationalism or being proud of Bahasa Indonesia. I pretty sure that when Indonesian people speak in English, they don't try to abandon their native language, but they're learning. Gain more and more skill for their English. And it will be useful for them and also their country in the future. Or another purpose, they try to encourage others to mastering English language like them. Shortly, we aren't trying to leave Bahasa Indonesia when we use English but we're just trying to improve our English skill for many benefits.
@watergirl (569)
• Philippines
28 Dec 10
Hello! I'm from the Philippines and I can understand your concern. In my country, we are also torn between mastering our native languages and learning English. Actually, both Filipino and English are considered national languages. However, more and more parents teach their kids to speak purely in english. As a result, more and more kids get poor grades in Filipino subjects in school. Ironically, Filipino kids who are awkward in speaking Filipino seem "cool". I am not against English and other Foreign languages. I myself know a couple of other foreign languages. Learning new languages help us have a broader worldview and understanding. But learning and loving our native language should come foremost. By the way, in the university that I went to, Bahasa Indonesia was one of the foreign language courses and it was a hit among students.
@jhartana (1085)
• Australia
27 Dec 10
In Australia, being a neighbouring country to Indonesia I can still see that several schools in capital cities they still offer Indonesian language as one of the school curriculum. I am proud of our language being offered and be studied by foreigners. Having to know other language other than their native language is a privilege and a plus point. I am hoping Bahasa Indonesia will still be offered and we can't afford to let our culture not to be appreciated.
@Hatley (164485)
• Garden Grove, California
27 Dec 10
hi advokatku I think all our various countries here in mylot shpuld hold onto their native language and also learn English and any other foreign language they wish to learn.As the world grows ever smaller due to the internet many would profit by learning English as a good many come to my country for schools and jpbs. I am an American who believes we all should try to be bilingual as we are reaching out to our neighbors much more now in this smaller new world. I know if I were moving to a country that did not speak English I would learn their language and also would keep my own language always. bilingual has so many advantages as you can fit in any mixed crowd. Also being bilingual shows up well on your resume if you are looking for jobs overseaS. u
@indahfth (11173)
• Indonesia
27 Dec 10
Yes. No doubt, using a foreign language is a trend, and the bet is cool. But I'm sure, those who use foreign languages, also continue to use the Indonesian language. Because, they may not use a foreign language continuously. They also have using the Indonesian language, when talking with people who can not speak a foreign language.
@sql_cell (1429)
• Indonesia
27 Dec 10
As a nation of Indonesia, I am pleased and proud to use the Indonesian language.Right now, it's a foreign language to master, and a measure intelligence and a pride. Learning foreign languages is good, but we should not forget our language.