Best Place for your hair..

@visavis (5945)
December 27, 2010 1:52am CST
Normally every month or couple of months we should going to our prepared place for trimming or cutting our hair whether it is salon or just barber shop. There are place you prepared because your satisfied from their services. For me, I'm comfortable with my barber shop because once I sit in the chair he knows what to do unless I will tell him the new style I want. How about you? Do you have prepared barber shop or salon for your hair? Or no specific place just wherever you go its ok... Share to us your experience and views about this... see you around
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@Hatley (164485)
• Garden Grove, California
28 Dec 10
hi visavis we have a lady beautician who co mes here and opens up the shop twice a month. I can get a decen hair cut from her but now I have decided that this senior female citizen does not like my hair cut short. so am saving my 8 dollars a hair cut now and lettinng my hair grow long again. I do not look good in short hair as long hair flatters the shape of my face much better. I can actually save money by walking up the street from Gold Crest and going to the Beauty College there.
@aisoice (272)
• Indonesia
28 Dec 10
For me not so bound by time, when I feel the need to cut hair, at the moment I went to salon and the place does not really matter as long as their nominally can provide services in accordance with what I need.
• Estonia
27 Dec 10
Yes, I have a favorite barber shop that I always visit. I've become acquaint with the barber here, so she knows exactly which hairstyle I like. She is a very professional barber and she doesn't demand too much money for her job. Totally satisfied with her.
• Indonesia
27 Dec 10
haha.. i don't go to barber shop too often. i usually go to barber shop every six months. so it doesn't matter where i go to.. i go there just for haircut and always have the same style of hair. since then i always satisfied with the haircut.
@picjim (3003)
• India
27 Dec 10
Every month or a month and a half i visit the hair cutting salon.My cutting is quite routine.I cut my hair medium and trim my mustache.As i'm growing older and hair is receding he advises on the best way to retain it with his tips on hair care and oils.I'm quite happy with his methods.Hope you have a great day.