Western Union

December 28, 2010 11:32am CST
I got a mail from Western Union telling me about a huge sum that I have won. I don't know what it is. They have asked me to withdraw 5000 Euroes and given a number which they call MTCN. I don't know what it is actually. Did anyone of you get it? What is the funda? Please throw light on this.
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• Estonia
30 Dec 10
Do you recall participating in any lotteries or something like this? It sounds very suspicious, there is a high probability that this probably is a scam. I suggest you to call the Western Union office and ask for more information about it. Otherwise you may face some negative consequences. Be careful, man!
• United States
28 Dec 10
Sounds very much like a scam to me!!! I wouldn't do anything to it except call whatever department of the police that handles scams and illegal activities. That way they could tell you if it's legit - but more likely it is not.
@bounce58 (17524)
• Canada
28 Dec 10
Congratulations.....not! As you may already know, this is a scam. If you would look closely at where the email/mail came from, you might see that it came from a personal address, or a non-Western Union addy. Thread carefully. Or better yet, just ignore and delete this message.
@petersum (4525)
• United States
28 Dec 10
It's a scam! Western Union will never give anything for free! They charge you! Don't reply. Don't do anything. Never give away your personal information. You have just told everyone that you have 5000 Euros that could be withdrawn so expect to be bombarded with even more scams, beggers and worse!
• Philippines
28 Dec 10
hello abhi, I don't receive anything like this but i think you should contact their office, come to think about it did you avail any Western Union service before?if you really won huge amount of money how come you need to widraw 5,000 Euros? Be aware before making any moves becoz lot of scams is spreading now a days. MTCN is Money Transfer Control Number this is the number you will give to them to get the money, hope it will help you. :) have a nice day!