Is it true that web browsers can affect the speed of ...?

@gengeni (3308)
December 28, 2010 12:20pm CST
is it true that your web browser affecting internet speed? I use mozilla firefox, pretty slow, influence also the file that I downloaded. I kept trying to use netscape navigator, it affects the speed of the Internet, the file in the download also quick completion, it is not often an error. 1. 'whether the Web browser affecting internet speed? " 2. 'what advantages and disadvantages of netscape navigator 9? " 3. 'what advantages and disadvantages of mozilla firefox 3.6? " 4. "why, netscape navigator view, exactly the same with mozilla firefox?" thank you
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@rifnee (1713)
• Indonesia
5 Jan 11
browser does not affect the internet connection, only to "maximize "....
• Indonesia
30 Dec 10
In terms of speed it will slow the internet connection that we have especially when content is accessible to high bandwidth demands such as Youtube et al; then secured connection drop ...! From the other hand, this can increase the productivity of users in accessing various information within a single time. For example when the user uses the internet connection time-based; better to just go all the way "multi-tab", disconnect the Internet connection, and read later; sizable cost efficient it can make the connection.
@RamRes (1725)
• Argentina
30 Dec 10
It affect up to some point, in fact there are many factors that affect the final speed of what you see on the screen. So, first. The browser has nothing to do with your internet speed. It just opens a connection to a web server and request to download the page it host. Then they sit down and wait until the HTML arrives. Browsers have no influence on that and all are equal here, it's your ISP and the server you're looking at the main problems in this step. Then, when you have downloaded the page, the browser parses it and starts displaying the formatted content. That's what really differentiate the browsers. Every one uses it's own parsing methods, some faster, others slower. They take distincts paths to interpret what the server sends, so not only they take longer or shorter times to display, but also they may display a little different things if they don't fully comply with the HTML standards. Also, internally every browser manages its resources different, so one may overload your system more than others, and make navigating the page harder or easier. I would say, the browsers don't affect your internet transfer speed, but does affect the time you need to see the final result as a consequence of different machine usage.
@calpro (933)
• India
29 Dec 10
Hi gengeni, Yes browsers do affect the speed of page downloading. Basically the internet speed depends on your ISP, your processor and RAM. If you have a better RAM there is more space and the faster the speed is. Other side of the coin is if your browser needs additional plug ins it take takes time to download the page. The one of the widely used browser currently is Mozilla and chrome. The speed is optimum with both these browsers. And also opening to many tabs in a browser also slows the process of page downloading. Better update your Mozilla to the current version and try you will experience better speed also check your RAM. For me it is Mozilla Quickly loads a page. Happy Computing Calpro
@ANIME123 (2473)
• United States
29 Dec 10
Well for me mozilla firefox goes pretty fast for the downloads, but maybe it's because I take care of my computer and clean it. Maybe netscape is ok and so is opera, but I rather stick with mozilla even if it takes kind of a while to open up still it's good to always clear cookies and history so that it can go faster. Also remember that's it's a good idea to clean your computer each week or so because if you don't it might start to lag and that will be no fun at all. I used to have a slow computer, slow internet and I really did not like it and it all stopped when I decided to take better care of my computer and I am so happy now.
@amitvn (48)
28 Dec 10
no browser actually do not affect your internet depends on your ISP subscibed packages your browser only actually optimizes your browsed pages and download manager may depend on browser to browser as you said that netscape is better for you i personally use IDM as download manager as it is one of best there on internet. 1.browser only helps to view the page it receives over internet and thus there might be some change in browsing but not much more... 3. Advtg : mozilla is one of the most used is relatively secure than other and addons support is most amazing :) Disadvtg : as such no disadvantages only the problem is that it consumes more resources so start time is more than chrome.. 4. As far as look is concerned both the browsers are based on mozilla source code
@fpsninja (874)
28 Dec 10
I am not sure about differences in the software of the browsers themselves, but the cookies, and the add ons can definately effect your browsing speeds. Cookies basically track data of which sites you go on, and send it off to other people, to make money out of it (these are tracking cookies) Too many of these will result in loads of cpu taking up as you send the data, as well as a slower internet. Hope this helps