Truthful, or untruthful perceptions.

December 30, 2010 4:18am CST
Yesterday, I spent time in isolation, and wondered about whether my perceptions about the world, were, and are, true or false. What is a truthful perception, and what is an untruthful perception? All perceptions are how we perceive them. If we can perhaps accept our perceptions as such, then it would be useful. The question arises, how do we disbelieve someone, who himself feels that he/she is truthful? Do we disbelieve the person, or do we find the person's sense of perception, not to be believed? In the latter situation, the person is in the same boat as you.
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@derek_a (10902)
30 Dec 10
As a Zen practitioner I tend to spend alot of time in meditation looking within myself and I find that all perceptions are subject to change so therefore cannot be really solid but transcient. The only thing that is constant is the awareness of what is in the here and now. Zen meditation is based on mindfulness that is extended into all activities during daily life and many times, I have found myself in a "new space" that my perceiving mind has trouble making any sense of. But that it the whole function of Zen to support the practitioner to transcend his/her everyday "reasonableness". _Derek