Are you spending New Years Eve alone??

@maezee (34016)
United States
December 31, 2010 7:33am CST
I'm just curious to know if anyone (else) out there may be spending New Years Eve alone. The thought of this is kind of much more depressing now that I'm thinking about it. My best bud is out of the country studying abroad, my other 3 close friends have boyfriends that they're spending it with (a "romantic" evening), and a couple others have to work until way into the evening/early morning. My sister, mom, and dad are all going out (not together, separately) to bars for the final countdown and being that I am not 21, I can't tag along. I am thinking of doing some laundry, MyLot, and maybe cleaning a bit with a bottle of wine, myself. Sounds kind of relaxing actually. Maybe I'll take a bubble bath. LOL. It might be interesting. Are you spending New Years Eve alone?
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@dodo19 (34012)
• Beaconsfield, Quebec
31 Dec 10
I definitely won't be alone this New Years Eve. I'll be spending it with my husband and his parents, as we are at their place for the moment. So, we'll be spending it together. I think that it will be just the four of us. And the dogs.
@harry89 (2332)
• India
31 Dec 10
Well, i am not sure whether i will be alone or not because my friend is having exams so i don't know will he come out or not. But yes my family is with me so i can spend my new year with them at home. I hope u get someone too. Happy mylotting. Regards, harry.