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readbud - paid to rate articles
January 1, 2011 12:10pm CST
I joined readbud, the site in which we can earn money by reading and rating the articles, i join from someone's referance but when i opened the articles , i dont find the articles, is anybody here the member of readbud, do they really pay or not and do you have articles in this site.
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@owlwings (39218)
• Cambridge, England
1 Jan 11
Readbud do NOT pay. It is a scam, as you can see if you search for discussions on 'readbud' in MyLot alone.
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18 Jan 11
yes its a better place to search that whether the site is scam or not.
• United States
1 Jan 11
There are a few that say that readbud really pays. My experience with them is that I got a virus two times just after going to their site. Something on their site actually overrides my popup blocker and that really annoys me. Maybe you'll have better luck though, who knows!
• India
7 Jan 11
sameer, I have joined readbud 1 day ago and till i earned $1.21 in my account. as you saying there are no articles its not true. you have to select upto 50 interests in your account settings. then you will get articles to view and rate. I earned 81cents first day. but i am not sure i will get paid or not. I heard that they will check how many time we taken to read article, at the time of payout.
@mysdianait (64058)
• Italy
8 Jan 11
Did you see the previous responses here?
18 Jan 11
yes, topic are found but with empty pages, no article content is pesent, and i think it is scam and you will not get moeny fron this site as all the responser said.
@salonga (28016)
• Philippines
3 Jan 11
My dear don't waste time on Readbud. It is a certified scam. It has actually refused paying lots of its members so I am really sorry why many people are still not aware of this. If you want to see one proof of scamming made by Readbud then go and read this If I were you I will just spend my time here at myLot.
@jordq7 (576)
• Philippines
2 Jan 11
Hi there sameer786!!! I was a member of readbud before but I stopped reading articles for this site a long time ago coz many members aren't paid and they say that this site is a scam. Try to look for reviews about this site.I did this and find out that most of the reviews says that this is a scam site.My friend reach the payout last year but until now he hadn't been paid by this site.You will also find in the net some members of readbud that are still not been paid by this site. I think you should try to thik again if you should still use this site.They offer an easy way to earn money but most of the members aren't being paid and that includes me.