new years - how did it go

@sisco100 (2345)
United States
January 2, 2011 2:52pm CST
well my new years was simple and quite for me. stayed home and had some friends over. didnt get too drunk, but i never really do any ways. so let me get to the point. so how was your new years and what did you do for it? well i hope that it was good and that the new year will be good to you all. thanks in advance for your response and keep on mylotting.
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@maezee (33009)
• United States
3 Jan 11
I stayed home too. And I actually had a pretty good time doing that! I wanted to save some money and not go out..So that's what I did. . It was good. I never really do all that much for New Years so this year wasn't a disappointment whatsoever.
@marsha32 (6691)
• United States
3 Jan 11
I did a Happy New Year post, telling what we did and asking what others did for New Years Eve. I had some really great responses from others telling me what they did. Today I get this from mylot: This is a notification from myLot. Your question has been deleted because of the following reason: promotes milestones (i.e. birthday, anniversaries, etc.) Please refer to our discussion guidelines and our Terms of Use. Original Post Title: happy new year!! Original Post Text I wanted to stop in and wish everyone a very Happy new Year!! What did you do last night? We ended up staying home and watching old movies and then watching Mr. Clark and the ball drop. It was nice, actually to stay at home, just us. Marsha I sure wish I knew how to work this website! I guess the title should have instead asked how did you spend New Years Eve? Marsha
@syoti20 (5295)
• Philippines
3 Jan 11
Mine wasn't so good especially at work. Jan 1 gave me lots of stress.
• United States
2 Jan 11
I had a pretty good time. My fiancé and I went to the casino, where I won 50 bucks, then we went to a longtime friends house and drank in the new year. Unlike you I did get relatively drunk but still was able to retain my dignity. Unfortunately for my friend he wasn't so lucky, he fell asleep early and the women put makeup on him. Pretty funny, wish I could have been there when he woke up!