What can I get employed?

United States
January 2, 2011 4:56pm CST
So I've been a stay at home mom and army wife all of my adult life. My husband just recently got out of the service and is starting school soon, so that leaves me as the primary bread-winner YIKES! I've always wanted to work but with the kids and the hubs always gone I never pressed the issue. I figured it'd just happen when the time was right. Well now I'm in a race against the clock to find employment asap. I'm finding out very quickly with little to no work experience in the work force it's not so easy to get hired ANYWHERE! There are plenty of jobs I know I can do, but on paper everyone stands above me. I'm also finding out the way in which you obtain employment has changed quite a bit since my highschool days. Everything is online now, no one wants to talk to you in person or let you speak with upper management. It's been the same story since the day I started searching. "go online to our website, and there you can apply" Does anyone out there have any tips? All are welcome and much needed!
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@cadguy08 (1227)
• Canada
3 Jan 11
If you don't have any experienced in working as of now you should apply anywhere such as MacDonald, A &W restaurant, Burger king, amywhere even 7-11 store go and give them your resume , tell them that you going back to work and willing to take anything just to be hire. Be very patience and perseverance is the key on getting work, i too have difficult getting a job on my field last year but it paids off by being patient.Prayers also makes a differents just go to church for help, Go and ask also some friends who know any opening will also help you get a job. Good Luck.
• United States
3 Jan 11
Thank you for your advice. I know persistence and prayer are key. I'm trying to rush things and it's all too easy to forget that God's timing is perfect. :)
@Hatley (164640)
• Garden Grove, California
1 Feb 11
hi soldierswifee it is really easy to apply on line and my son and my friend's son use Monster and search there in your area You can fill out the forms and hopefully somone will call you. I did not check your profile so do not know if you are here in the US if you are you can also go to your local unemployment office and sign up for whatever you feel you may qualify for.On hint most libraries and hospitals are always seeking nurses aides and pages in the library they may not be high paying jobs but they could be a start also if you can type and use a computer you can apply for clers job in your local libraries too. I know starting from scratch is really hard. if you have children maybe your experience first hand in child care must stand in for a job in a pre school place or a daycare place too and they pay pretty well. good luck and God bless.its hard I know.
@kingparker (9698)
• United States
3 Jan 11
You might need to think about join the temp service, because most companies won't want to hire permanent staffs. It just too much cost for them, and you have to stay in temp for while, before they actually consider you can be a permanent employee. So, you might want to search around those Staffing service office. They might find what you are looking for. Good Luck!
• United States
3 Jan 11
Don't get discouraged now a days it is extremely difficult to find employment anywhere with the situation of the economy. Honestly I have been out of the loop when it comes to applying for jobs, it's been a while since I have done it. I have been very fortunate with my employment, but I have heard stories from close friend of mine, that job seeking is becoming very difficult, no one is hiring and those that are hiring are not willing to pay. Continue searching and applying I am positive you will find something out there you just have to remain positive even though at times it may be a bit difficult. Good Luck!!!
@magenn (78)
3 Jan 11
We are in same need. I dont have job. I'm only a housewife. My husband suffering arthritis but since it is needed to pay the bills so he must go work no matter how he feels so I need to get a job. So if you know some tips pls share me too and i will do the same.
@lingli_78 (12845)
• Australia
3 Jan 11
i can totally understand what you mean... i had been trying to look for jobs as well for the past 2 and a half months and most of the problems i encountered is because i lack the skills that they required... i want to switch my job to a different area and experience new things... but it is so hard because i lack the skills... i have an interview tomorrow afternoon and i really hope that i will get the job... good luck to you... take care and have a nice day...
• China
3 Jan 11
I think you can find some online-jobs. I mean that you don't need to go out and just stay at home . You work on the computer. There are such kinds of jobs on the Internet. and I think you can have a try if you like.